Unit 2 Maintenance Management

  1. What is the basic function of maintenance?
    Ensure that assigned aircraft and equipment are safe, serviceable, and properly configured to meet mission needs.
  2. The degree of maintenance capability depends on what?
    • Mission requirements
    • Economics of repairĀ 
    • Transportation limitations
    • Component reliability
    • Workload agreements
    • Facility requirements
    • Task frequency
    • Special training
  3. What are the two basic types of maintenance performed at unit level?
    On equipment and off equipment
  4. What does preventative maintenance on our equipment help ensure?
    Equipment is ready and available when needed
  5. What TO describes preventative maintenance concepts?
    TO 00-20-1
  6. What, if properly used, helps determine where your organization has been, where you are going, and how (or if) you are going to get there?
    Maintenance Performance Indicators
  7. Which MPI is perhaps the best known yardstick for measuring a maintenance unit's performance?
    Mission Capable Rate
  8. What are some of the issues that can contribute to a low MC rate?
    • Hard breaks
    • Parts supportability shortfalls
    • Workforce management issues
  9. Which MPI is perhaps the most important and accurate measure of a unit's maintenance quality?
    Repeat/recur (R/R) discrepancy rate
  10. What can you do to contribute to keeping a low R/R rate?
    Use proper tech data
  11. When are discrepancies considered deferred or delayed?
    • Discovered and decision is made to defer them
    • Scheduled with a start date greater than five calendar days after the discrepancy date
    • Awaiting parts with a valid off base requisition
  12. What should you do if you have had a lot of DDs and it will be a long time before your aircraft is scheduled for extended downtime?
    Get with your production superintendent and PS&D scheduler and try to get downtime to fix as many DDs as possible
  13. List three processes of the MDD system.
    • Collection
    • Storage
    • Retrieval
  14. What off base agencies use the information provided through MDD?
    • Air Force Management & Engineering Agency
    • MAJCOMs
    • DOD
  15. On base, which individuals receive MDD information feedback?
    Base managers and supervisors
  16. Which MAJCOM is responsible for the overall material management of the Air Force systems and equipment?
    Air Force Material Command
  17. What does ACM provide unit managers the capability to determine?
    Actual vs. approved configuration of an aircraft
  18. In what TO can you find the details for recording specific entries of AFTO 781 series forms?
    TO 00-20-1
  19. What AFTO 781 series form is the identification document for the series binder?
  20. What AFTO 781 series form is used for recording flight time, sorties, or events for input into the MIS?
    AFTO 781
  21. Aircraft maintenance status and servicing information is entered on what AFTO 781 series form?
  22. What AFTO 781 series form is used to record discrepancies discovered by aircrew or maintenance personnel?
  23. What AFTO 781 series form is used to record engine oil time?
  24. What AFTO 781 series form is a continuation of the calendar and hourly inspection item schedule shown on AFTO form 781-K?
  25. What AFTO 781 series form contains basic information to aid in making entries on the 781-A and 781-K forms?
  26. What is AFTO form 95 used for?
    For a permanent record of significant maintenance actions on aerospace equipment including engines, engine modules, and designated MDS specific -6 TO components
  27. What happens to the AFTO form 95 when you remove and replace a component having an AFTO form 95?
    It accompanies the equipment being transferred
  28. What is IMDS designed to give managers?
    Visibility and control of resources
  29. Which subsystem of IMDS provides the capability to order needed parts?
    Standard Base Supply System (SBSS) Interface
  30. Why are preventative maintenance schedules entered into IMDS?
    To track and report completion, deviation, or rescheduled actions
  31. What IMDS subsystem provides information about jobs performed by maintenance activities?
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