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  1. Which control surface controls aircraft movement around the pitch axis?
  2. The Trim Aid Device (TAD) assists trimming for which control surface during airspeed and power changes?
    Rudder: senses torque, altitude, airspeed, pitch then computes input
  3. True or false? Engine exhaust augments the thrust of the propeller.
  4. Primary aircraft electrical power is provided by which component of the electrical system?
  5. Tuning for each of the communications and navigation radios and the transponder is provided by which component?
    Radio management unit (RMU)
  6. True or false? The VHF navigation system provides VOR, ILS, localizer and GPS capability.
    False; VOR; ILS; localizer; glideslope
  7. Primary navigation display is provided by which component of the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)?
    Electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI)
  8. Which standby flight instruments will operate without electrical power?
    Standby altimeter, airspeed, ball of turn and bank, magnetic compass
  9. True or false? The entire canopy structure is engineered to be protected from birdstrikes.
    False; only the front windscreen and canopy
  10. Landing gear extension and retraction is operated by which aircraft system?
  11. Movement around the roll axis is controlled by which primary control surface(s)?
  12. What component of the ejection seat provides sufficient altitude for parachute deployment?
    Rocket motor
  13. True or false? The magnetic compass is one of the primary flight instruments.
    False; standby
  14. Secondary aircraft electrical power is provided by what component?
    24V battery
  15. Which aircraft system provides automatic temperature and pressure control?
    Environmental control system
  16. Control of the transponder is provided by which component?
    Radio management unit (RMU)
  17. True or false? The canopy is hinged at the rear and opens up.
    False; the canopy is hinged on the right side; opens to the right
  18. Which primary instrument provides primary attitude display?
    Electronic attitude director indicator (EADI)
  19. In the event of inadvertent aircraft contact with the ground, which component will be activated and generate a radio signal?
    personal locator device; 121.5; 406.0 MHz
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