flight chap 12

  1. AFD comes out every ____ weeks.
  2. AIM stands for?
    Aeronautical Information Manual: provides basic flight information and ATC procedures for use in the National Airspace System of the USA.
  3. NOTAM D stands for? What do they cover?
    • Notice to AirMen (Distant)
    • They cover navigational aids out of service, runway lights not working, closed runways, etc. things that will affect go/no go decisions.
  4. Standard pressure is what in the Kollsman window?
    29.92 inches/hg
  5. 12-14 density and pressure altitudes
    see chapter 12-14
  6. Best rate of climb is V?
    VY - 79 kts: the speed that results in the greatest altitude gain over a given amount of time.
  7. Best angle of climb speed is V?
    VX - 57 kts: the speed that results in the greatest altitude gain over a given horizontal distance.
  8. Charts - 12-27
    density altitude, fuel burn, endurance
  9. Define Empty Weight.
    Weight of the airplane, engine, all fixed and permanent operating equipment and unusable fuel. Includes engine oil.
  10. Define Maximum Takeoff Weight.
    Maximum allowable weight to start a takeoff run. 2450 lbs for the Skyhawk 172R
  11. Define Useful Load.
    The difference between the maximum takeoff weight and the empty weight. Includes pilot, passengers, baggage, cargo and useable fuel.
  12. Define Ramp Weight
    Maximum takeoff weight plus fuel to be burned during taxi and runup.
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