film ch 6: American Star System

  1. The star system has been the backbone of the American film industry since the mid-____s.
  2. Who observed the following: "The social history of a nation can be written in terms of its film stars."
    Raymond Durgnat
  3. Who pointed out that the stars are the direct or indirect reflection of the needs, drives, and anxieties of their audience: they are the food of dreams, allowing us to live out our deepest fantasies and obsessions. Like the ancient gods and goddesses, stars have been adored, envied, and venerated as mythic icons...?
    Alexander Walker
  4. What are the five major film production companies?
    • MGM
    • Warner Brothers
    • Paramount
    • Twentieth Century-Fox
    • RKO
  5. The five major film production companies are also known as (1)___ ____ or the (2)______.
    • 1. Big Five
    • 2. majors
  6. Stars are referred to as "(1)________" comodities - that is, (2)________ for _____ _______ to _________.
    • 1. "bankable"
    • 2. insurance for large profits to investors.
  7. In the 1920s, what sophisticated and complex female type role was created and by whom?
    • femme fatale
    • Greta Garbo
  8. Personality star refers to...
    an actor/actress that refuses all parts that go against their type, especially if they're the leading men or ladies.
  9. Iconography refers to...
    • the visual language of cinema
    • it is what expectations we have when we see something on film; that is synonymous
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