film ch 7: Settings and Decor

  1. Stage sets are generally (1)____ detailed than film sets, because the audience is too (2)_______ from the stage to perceive many (3)_____ details.
    • 1. less
    • 2. distant
    • 3. small
  2. Cyclorama
    gives the illusion of a vast sky in the background
  3. In theater, the use of confined areas can be used for (1)_____ periods, because the audience will grow (2)________ overtime.
    • 1. short
    • 2. restless
  4. Prettification
    a form of insincerity, and therefore, ugly
  5. (1)________ films usually require the most elaborate sets. (2)__________ reconstructions of ancient Rome or Egypt can be major attractions, but are expensive to build.
    • 1. Spectacle
    • 2. Historical
  6. _______________ sets are usually created in the studio.
  7. What matters most in a setting is how it embodies the (1)_______ of the (2)_____ material. How well it tells a story of the character's lifestyle, habits, social position, and personality.
    • 1. essence
    • 2. story
  8. What are the eight analyses of a set?
    • 1. exterior or interior
    • 2. style
    • 3. studio or location
    • 4. period
    • 5. class
    • 6. size
    • 7. decoration
    • 8. symbolic function
  9. Analysis of a set
    Exterior or interior
    if exterior, how does nature function as a symbolic analogue to the mood, theme, or characterization?
  10. Analysis of a set
    • realistic and lifelike or stylized and deliberately distorted?
    • particular style; such as, colonial American, Art Deco, Victorian, sleek contemporary?
  11. Analysis of a set
    Studio or location
    • if an actual location, why?
    • what does the location say about the characters?
  12. Anaylsis of a set
    what is the apparent income of the owners?
  13. Analysis of a set
    • how large?
    • rich people tend to take up more space than poor
    • poor are usually crowded together in their living area
  14. Analysis of a set
    • how is it furnished?
    • status symbols, oddities of taste, etc.?
    • crowded or sparsely furnished?
  15. Analysis of a set
    Symbolic function
    what kind of overall image does the set and its furnishing project?
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