social psych ch 9

  1. a con to social roles. people can potentially get so far into a role that their ____ identities and _____ get lost
    personal, personalities
  2. social roles can be so powerful that they _____ our personal identities to the point that we become the ____ we are playing
    overwhelm, role
  3. in 1950 about a third of women had a job outside the home; by 1988, ____ did
  4. in 2009 about ____ of the jobs belonged to women
  5. in ads, women are much more likely to be shown in a ____ role
  6. the roles that people assume in groups, and in society at large, are powerful determinants of their ____, behavior, and ____
    feelings, personality
  7. qualities of a group that bind members together and promote liking between members
    group cohesiveness
  8. the more cohesive a group is, the more its members are likely to ___ in the group, take part in group ____, and try to recruit like minded members
    stay; activities
  9. cohesiveness can get in the way of optimal performance if maintaining good relations among group members becomes more ____ than finding good solutions to a problem
  10. simply being in the _____ of other people can a variety of interesting effects on our ____
    presence; behavior
  11. the presence of other ____ performance on ____ well learned tasks
    enhances, simple
  12. we do ___ in performance when in the presence of others if a task is ____
    worse; difficult
  13. the presence of others increases _____ _____
    physiological arousal
  14. the tendency for people to do better on simple tasks and worse on complex tasks when they are in the presence of other and their individual performance can be evaluated
    social facilitation
  15. the presence of other people makes us more alert. we have to be alert to the possibility that he or she will do something that ___ us to ____
    requires; respond. this alertness, or vigilance, causes mild arousal
  16. when other people can see how you are doing, you feel as if the other people are evaluating you and will feel embarrassed if you do poorly and pleased if you do well. this concern about being judged
    evaluation apprehension
  17. any source of distraction will put us in a state of ____ because it is difficult to pay ____ to two things at the same time
    conflict, attention
  18. the tendency for people to relax when they are int he presence of others and their individual performances cannot be evaluated
    social loafing
  19. when performance in a group cannot be identified, people become more _____. becoming relaxed ____ performance on simple tasks, but improves performance on complex tasks
    relaxed; impairs
  20. the tendency to loaf is stronger in
  21. women tend to be higher in ______ interdependence
  22. the tendency to loaf is stronger in ____ cultures
  23. asians are more likely to have an _____ view of the self, which may reduce the tendency toward social _____ in group
    interdependent; loafing
  24. the loosening of normal contraints on behavior when people cant be identified
    deindividuation. for example being lost in a crowd can lead to an unleashing of behaviors that we would never dream of doing by ourselves
  25. deindividuation makes people feel ____ accountable for their actions because it reduces the likelihood that any individual will be singled out or ____
    less; blamed
  26. becoming deindividuated increases the extent to which people ____ group norms
  27. groups do better than individuals if they ____ on the person with the most ____ and if people are motivated to search for the answer that is best for the entire group and not just for themselved
    rely; expertise
  28. any aspect of group interaction that inhibits good problem solving
    process loss
  29. reasons for ____ loss
    -groups might not try hard enough to find out who the most competent member is and instead rely on someone who really doesnt know what he or she is talking about
    -communication problems within the group. in some groups people dont listen to each other. one person is allowed to dominate a discussion
    process loss
  30. people tend to ___ on the information they share and ignore facts only know to some members of the group
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