1. Funct
  2. Gastr/gastro
  3. Nom
    Name ,law,custom,order
  4. Defunct
    No longer used or active
  5. Perfunctory
    Done as a duty; having a superficial quality
  6. Function
    The purpose something serves
  7. Dysfunction
    Abnormal, impaired, or incomplete functioning
  8. Functionary
    One who performs in a certain position, esp. an official
  9. Gastritis
    Inflammation of the stomach lining
  10. Nomism
    Conduct based on moral law
  11. Gastric
    Of or  relating to the stomach
  12. Gastronomy
    The art or custom of good eating
  13. Nomology
    The science of laws and lawmaking
  14. Centr
  15. Flect/flex
  16. Ethn/ethno
    Race, nation
  17. Ethnologist
    A specialist in cultural anthropology
  18. Concentric
    Having a common center
  19. Ethnic
    Related to common racial or cultural traits
  20. Concentration
    The focusing of attention on one idea or task
  21. Ethnicity
    the classification or affiliation by race or culture
  22. Ethnocentric
    inclined to regard one's own social group as superior  to all others
  23. reflection
    the process of bending back or thinking back
  24. circumflex
    bending around; curved
  25. deflection
    change of course or direction
  26. reflex
    Bent turned or directed back
  27. IInflexible
    Unbending; rigid
  28. Inflection
    A change in tone or pitch
  29. Dyn/dynam/dynamo
  30. Err
    Stray wander
  31. Dynamism
    An active forceful state or quality
  32. Dynasty
    A powerful group or family;a succession of heredity rulers
  33. Isodynamic
    Of or relating to equality or uniformity of force
  34. Dynamo
    an individual possessing unusual energy
  35. dynamic
    energetic forceful of or relating to power
  36. Errant
    Roving or wandering; itinerant
  37. Erroneous
    The quality of being mistaken; incorrect
  38. Err
    To make a mistake; incorrect
  39. Error
    Something incorrectly done out of ignorance or carelessness
  40. Aberrant
    That which strays away from the right or normal way
  41. Domin/domit
  42. Dorm
  43. Tang
  44. Tangible
    Able to be touched or perceived through touch; actual
  45. Dormant
    That which is temporarily inactive
  46. Dormitory
    A place with sleeping facilities fir a number of people
  47. Tangent
    Touching; adjacent
  48. Intangible
    I incapable of being touched; not easy to describe
  49. Dormancy
    A state of inactivity
  50. Dominion
    Authority over others
  51. Predominant
    Most common or powerful; before all others
  52. Dominate
    To control or have power over others
  53. Indomitable
    Not easily subdued; unyielding
  54. Dominant
    That which is more controlling or important
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