India Midterm 2

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  1. Mathura vs Gondara
  2. Image Upload 1
    • Katra Mound, Mathura
    • look at the symbols to say its the buddha
  3. Image Upload 2
    Bimaran Reliquary
  4. Image Upload 3
    Kanishka reliquary
  5. Buddha vs Bodhisattva
    and Bodhisattva Maitreya
    Image Upload 4 (maitreya)
  6. Birth of the Buddha images
  7. Images of Kanishka from Mat (by mathura)
    Image Upload 5
  8. Wema Kadphises related to other surya images
    Image Upload 6 (notebook)
  9. (giant wine holder)
  10. Art of Gupta India
    319 - 550
  11. weird year differences in dating Gupta era
    Gupta era year 82 = BCE year 401/2
  12. Image Upload 7
    • Rock Cut Sanctuary at Udayagiri (Gupta era)
    • Vishnu Image - Boar
  13. Ganges and Jamuna River Reliefs
    no pic
  14. Image Upload 8
    Ganesha - stands for "beginnings"
  15. Story Durga Slaying Buffalo
  16. Ajanta
    200 BC - 500 AD
  17. Chaitya hall caves
    Many with images of the Buddha, especially in a giving gesture - like you'll recieve knowledge
  18. Viharas
    "a monastic enclosure edged by monks' cells
  19. Ajanta Cave 1
    argued to have mandala architype, w/ layers of importance moving to a central sacred spot where the Buddha was seated in teaching mudra
  20. How do we know that Ajanta used the mandala?
    In cave 2 there is a painting of a mandala on the cieling
  21. Ajanta Cave 17
    • story of the Island of Ogresses
    • Image Upload 9
  22. Elephanta local name
  23. Elephanta dating c. 500- 550
    (not quite 6-9th century)
    • Suggests:
    • gold coins under the king Krishnaraja (6th)

    style of inscription on base of Brahma image (9th)
  24. inside Elephanta on South wall
    • left: Shiva as half woman w/ Parvati
    • mid:Shiva Mahesvara
    • right: Shiva with river Ganges
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