History Final

  1. iranian students took americans hostage in response to
    president carter's decision to admit the shah into the united states for medical help
  2. during the 1990s, American foreign policy was
    focused on solving a variety of new conflicts around the world without engaging in long term strategies
  3. the process of deindustrialization resulted in a drop of
    oil prices
  4. the immediate cause of the soviet union's collapse was
    a failed military coup
  5. in the end, the persian golf war could be considered to be a
    military success but political failure
  6. In response to watergate which of the following pieces of legislation was enacted?
    freedom of information act
  7. the panama canal treaty negotiated by president carter
    agreed to turn control of the canal over to panama on December 31,1999
  8. First computer was made by
  9. the layoff of permanent workers in firms during the 1990s came to be called
  10. Both the u.s. senate and president George Bush's administration refused to ratify the kyoto treaty because
    the treaty targeted only developed nations and would hurt the american economy
  11. ronald reagan believed that the federal government was
    too large and too intrusive
  12. the 2000 census showed the largest minority to be
  13. the _______________ were classified documents about the vietnam war that were leaked to the press
    pentagon papers
  14. a notable aspect of the 1984 presidential election was
    the selection of Geraldine Ferrero as democratic Vice President
  15. the u.s. economy experienced stagflation in the 1970s when
    unemployment and inflation rates rose dramatically
  16. during the nixon administration,the supreme court issued major ruling calling for all EXCEPT
    The requirement that police warn criminal suspects of their legal rights
  17. __________ was the name of the cartel formed by oil exporting countries in 1960
  18. The OPEC oil embargo of 1973 caused all EXCEPT
    intensive government research into alternative energy sources
  19. Susan Faludi's book
  20. The persian golf war was fought by
    a coalition of states led by the united states
  21. stagflation was the term coined to describe the combination of
    inflation and unemployment
  22. the military operation that drove iraq out of kuwait was called
    Operation desert storm
  23. the process of deindustrialization saw the largest US corporations
    earn a considerable percentage of their profits from their overseas operation
  24. during the reagan administration the federal government
    increased spending
  25. during the 1990s the state of california
    passed a series of laws and regulations ending affirmative action
  26. during the 1970s,native americans
    had their right to self government restored
  27. ronald reagan won the 1980 election by appealing to all groups exceptttt
  28. _____________ launched public interest research group
    ralph nader
  29. president bush responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks
    all of the above
  30. in the 1970s the united states faces rising competition in industrial production from
    japan and west germany
  31. inflation in the united states during the 1970s was sparked by
    rapidly rising oil prices
  32. bill clinton was officially impeached for
    perjury and obstruction of justice
  33. although the LA riots of 1992 were begun over the acquittal of four white police in beating rodkey king, they also reflected
    class based protest against the failure of the american system
  34. Opponents of the equal rights amendment falsely claimed that the amendment would result in the following EXCEPT
    The prerogative of divorced fathers to not have to pay child support
  35. the reagan legacy included all EXCEPT
    The end of social welfare programs
  36. by the 1970s,the united states began to rely more on foreign oil because
    production increased but did not keep up with consumption
  37. the gains of the women's movement in the 1970s included
    all of the above
  38. during clinton's administration, american military forces were active in all of the following countries except
  39. oliver north came up with the idea of sending funds from covert arms sales to ____________ counterrevoutionaries in Nicaragua.
  40. the 1988 bush campaign was noteworthy for
    negative campaigning
  41. the 1980 election was referred to as the 'reagan revolution' because
    reagan captured numerous democratic voters
  42. american policy toward soviet union during ronald reagan's first term was characterized by
    an increasingly hard-line approach
  43. the united states funded the contras as an opposition force in
    el salvador
  44. conservatives believed that multiculturalism would
    fragment american society by dividing people by race and gender
  45. the USA Patriot act of 2002, which passed with only one dissenting vote,granted all of the following except
    unparralled increase in civil liberties
  46. the persian gulf war was fought to libertate
  47. the reverend Jerry Falwell founded _______ to inject issues such as abortion, busing, school prayer into politics.
    the Moral Majority
  48. The reagan administration's policies toward central america were hampered by
    congressional opposition
  49. the healthcare crisis of the 1990s included all of the following except
    a lack of new medical technology
  50. representative ___________ used the contract with america to formulate the legislative agenda for the republican controlled congress
    Newt Gingrich
  51. a serious accident at the ____________ nuclear power plant led to the reassessment of nuclear power industry.
    three mile island
  52. racial violence broke out in boston in 1974 and 74 over the ______________ issue
  53. During the 1970s the U.S GDP
    grew at SLOWER rate than the 1960s
  54. during the 1990s the conflict over abortion rights
    became more violent
  55. the 1973 supreme court ruling in Roe v. Wade
    said that states could not prohibit abortion in the first trimester
  56. southern whites and conservative catholics voting for ronald reagan in 1980 became known as
    reagan democrats
  57. the diverting of profits from arms sales to iran to assist the nicaraguan contras
    was never connected to ronald reagan
  58. reaganomics was based on the belief that
    tax cuts would increase tax revenues
  59. richard nixon resigned after being ordered to turn over the watergate
  60. the treaty that created a free-trade zone in all of north america is known as
  61. just weeks after the destruction of the twin towers, _______________ collapsed on wall street after its announcement of 618 million loss
  62. Title IX of the amended 1964 civil rights act
    prohibited colleges and universities taht received federal fund from discrimination on the basis of sex
  63. in 1993, the united states intervened in __________ to help restore the exiled president to power
  64. At the close of operation desert storm, all of the following was true EXCEPT
    The short war helped to create a booming american economy
  65. the cover up of the watergate break in was
    one of the many crimes comitted by nixon's administration
  66. the soviet union's invasion of ____________ resulted in american boycott of olympics
  67. the watergate hearings revealed that a special clandestine intelligence group called the ___________ worked for Nixon
    the plumbers
  68. the break up of ___________ in eastern europe after the collapse of the soviet union led to a series of violent civil wars & NATO intervention
  69. president nixon strengthened the regulatory functions of the federal government by establishing all EXCEPT
    The president's committee on Competitiveness
  70. the purpose of affirmative action was to
    expand access to employment to minorities and women
  71. under reagans administration, the supreme court
    became more conservative
  72. the first response led by the U.S. to the invasion of Kuwait was
    a U.S. sponsored resolution in the U.N. imposing economic sanctions
  73. impeachment proceedings against president Nixon,all of following EXCEPT
    Secretly bombing Cambodia
  74. ____________ of the educational amendments act of 1972 prohibited colleges and universities that received federal funding from discrimination on the basis of sex.
    Title IX
  75. The supreme court decision in Bakke v. University of Cali was
    both victory and a defeat for opponents of affirmative action
  76. in the 1990s, the US economy was characterized by all of the following except
    a broad based prosperity similar to that of years spanning from 45 to 60
  77. Reagans policies toward central america were
    intended to stop the spread of communism
  78. the reason for the OPEC embargo in 1973 was
    to punish the US for supportting Israel in the Yom Kippur War
  79. Operation Desert Storms success helped the banish the ghost of
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