Possessive Nouns

  1. apple
    The apple's peel is red.
  2. fisherman
    The fisherman's bucket was full of fish.
  3. countries
    The two countries' weather are very different.
  4. brother
    Is your brother's football team practicing today?
  5. book
    Does the book's cover have a dolphin on it?
  6. aunt
    I cannot wait to go visit my aunt's farm in the country.
  7. women
    I like to visit the women's shoe department.
  8. dogs
    I put my dogs' leashes on the hook by the door. 
  9. family
    Would you like to come to my family's house for dinner?
  10. students
    Ms. Long's students' grades are fantastic!
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Possessive Nouns
Change nouns to singular or plural possessive nouns.