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  1. Local food system
    producer-processer- marketer-distributor-accountaing -consumer
  2. examples of local food systems
    • Direct to consumer
    • Farmer's Market
    • Community Shared Agriculture(CSA)
    • Online aggregated market
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
  3. what is CSA
    community shared agriculture
  4. Introduce what is direct to consumer
    • -relationship marketing
    • -Delivery directly to cosumer by producer or farm gate sales
    • -provincially- inspected abattoirs.(It means that the products are limited in on province, and can not sell themm to another proveince. It is inspected by givernment)
  5. Introduce what is farmer's market
    • -weekly market(seasonal market or all year0
    • -producer run booths (BaiTan)
    • -Competition and collaboration among the booths
    • -organization of the market
    •    -alberta farmer's market associated santioned
    • -Non-sanctioned market
  6. introdeuce Comminity Shared Agridutlure(CSA)
    • -Consumer pays up front at start of the season
    • -bins of various produce and/or meat
    • -packing time
    • -seasonal
  7. Online aggregated market
    • -Shoppers purchase orders online
    • -online store can be from one or many producers
    • -deliver to door or to food hubs
  8. benefit of the local production
    • -support local economy
    • -incresed biosecurity
    • -bulids social value
  9. innovation in agriculture
    • -Feed
    • -Shelter and housing
    • -Welfere
    • -Manure management
    • -breeding
    • -diseasing control
    • Animal movement
  10. Welfare Vs Productivity
    • it is a grsph which has three points.
    • -A is the begining for the welfare, and increseing theproductivity of the animals because of welfare
    • -B the highest or the most expensive wellfare with the incresing the productivity.
    • -C the lowest welfare, below that piont, the animals will die. And, under this welfare, it will be llgeagl to produce tanimals.
    • There are two dot lines
    • --first, it is the welfare standard
    • --second, under it the animal will die and do not have welfare because the died animal can not have  the wefare.
  11. ethology
    • a scientific study of animal's behavior
    • -knowledge of species ethogram
    • -compare domensticated animal behaviour to its wild-type`
  12. what id AFAC
    Alberta Farm Animal Care
  13. What is SPCA
    Soceity for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  14. what are the five freedom?
    • -freedom for the hunger and thirst
    • -freedom for the discomfort
    • -freedom for the pain, injuriy and disease
    • -Freedom to express normal behaviour
    • -Freedom from fear and distress
  15. freedom for the hunger and thirst
    -by ready acess to fresh water and food to maintain full health and vigor for the animals.(have fresh water and food to mantain the health and vigor for the animals)
  16. freedom for the discomfort
    It means that provide an appopriate environment for animals for example, comfortable house or shelter or other resting area
  17. freedom from pain, injury and disease
    by prevent or ripid diagnosis and treatment
  18. freedom to express the normal behaviour
    to provide the sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animals' own kind
  19. freedom from the fear and distress
    by ensuring the conditions and treatment which avoid the mental suffering.(proper conditions to make animal has litle ditress)
  20. what is the welfare issues in animals
    • -confinement housing
    • -painful procedures and conditions
    • -transportantion
    • -handling and methods at processing
  21. what is HACCP
    hanzard analysis critical control point
  22. what is the effect on the hunting part?
    hunting can reduction cropping on animals. It means that there will have a large population of the animal decrease because of hunting.
  23. what is herding
    put animal in a group and follow them to move from one place to another place
  24. examples of the herding
    • free-camp systems
    • containment systems
  25. game ranching
    • - extensively managed
    • -managed on the vegetation
    • -contained but essentially wild
    • -harvested in the field
    • -
  26. game farming
    • -intensive system
    • -supplemental feeding
    • -controlled breed
    • -veterinary treatment
    • -shipped live to slaughter
    • -confinement systems
  27. what is supply chain
    many interconnected companies that assemble the raw materials into a finished products
  28. what is value chain
    many company work together to meet their market demand
  29. what is supply chain focus on
  30. what is value chain focus on
  31. what is the products of the suplly chain
  32. what is the product of the value chian
    the high value
  33. what is the unit of comptition in th esupply chain
    company or enterprise
  34. what is the unit of competition in the value chain
  35. what is the product flow?
    producer- processor-distributor-retailer-consumers
  36. what is the information fow or money flow?
    consumers-retailers-distributors-processors- producers
  37. examples for the general supply chain
    • milk
    • beef
    • pork
    • chicken
    • eggs
  38. examples for thr general value chain
    • organic chicken
    • rare and heritage breed
    • welfare certified pork
  39. example speific on the supply chain
    • Beef/pork
    • -roast
    • -steak
    • -chop
    • -bacon
    • chichen
    • -whole chicken
    • -boneless skinless breast
    • -grade Alarge eggs
  40. specific of the value chain
    • -sunheaven farms pork
    • -spring creek premium beef
    • -designer eggs
  41. what is value chain objective(purpose)
    • right animal
    • right characteristcs
    • right time
    • right products
    • right weight
    • to get the maxmium reture to the value chain
  42. the supply chain indicators
    • processing
    • broiler production
    • broiler breeding
  43. what is commodity
    somting is sold or bought
  44. valued added
    add somthing to increase the value of the products
  45. further processed
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