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  1. accentuate
    to emphasize or stress
  2. adversity
    misfortune; hardship
  3. aficionado
    an enthusiastic follower; a supporter or fan
  4. allure
    the power to attract or charm
  5. amass
    to gather or collect for one's use or profit; to accumulate
  6. amenity
    a feature that contributes to physical comfort
  7. amputate
    to cut off a body part, especially by surgery
  8. antecedent
    • a thing or event that precedes another
    • going before; preceding
  9. antiquity
    the ancient world, especially before the middle ages; the quality of great age
  10. appraise
    to estimate the value of; to form a judgement of; to evaluate
  11. aptitude
    a natural talent
  12. averse
    having a feeling of opposition or distaste
  13. belated
    done too late; having been delayed beyond the usual time
  14. beneficiary
    one who benefits or gains an advantage from something
  15. blandishment
    (often plural) that which is intended to coax or persuade, such as flattery; an allurement
  16. boon
    a welcome gift or blessing
  17. caliber
    degree of importance or excellence; the diameter of a bullet or inside of a gun barrel
  18. centrifugal
    moving or tending away from the center
  19. chagrin
    • a feeling of embarrassment or annoyance caused by having failed or being dissapointed
    • to cause to feel unease
  20. cleave
    to cling to or be unfaithful to; to split with force or a sharp instrument
  21. commiserate
    to feel or express sorrow or compassion for; to sympathize
  22. complacent
    to self-satisfied that one sees no need for change; unconcerned
  23. contravene
    to act against or be counter to
  24. convoluted
    having numerous coils or folds; complicated; intricate
  25. credible
    believable; reliable
  26. decapitate
    to kill by cutting off the head
  27. decimate
    to kill or destroy a large portion of a group
  28. decompose
    to decay or break down into basic elements
  29. defray
    to supply the money for; to pay
  30. default
    • failure to do what is required by duty or law
    • an automatic selection made according to a computer program when the user does not make a choice
  31. deprecate
    to criticize or express disapproval of; to represent as of little value; to belittle
  32. depreciate
    to make or become less in value; to represent as of little value; to belittle
  33. dexterous
    skillful in the use of hands or mind
  34. discomfit
    to make uneasy by confusing or embarrassing a person
  35. doldrums
    a condition of feeling sad, bored, or sluggish
  36. emanate
    to come out from a source
  37. emblazon
    to inscribe or decorate conspicuously
  38. eminent
    standing above others in worth, rank or fame
  39. empathize
    to show or feel understanding of another's feelings or problems
  40. expend
    to use of; consume
  41. expire
    to come to an end; to die
  42. exponent
    a person who explains, interprets, or works to make something popular
  43. facet
    any of the many small flat surfaces on a precious stone made by cutting; one of many sides or aspects of something
  44. facetious
    playfully humorous
  45. facsimile
    an exact copy
  46. faculty
    any of the natural powers of the mind and body, such as sight or hearing; an inborn ability; a knack; all of the teachers in a school
  47. fallacy
    a false or mistake idea
  48. furor
    an uproar; a state of great anger or excitement
  49. garb
    • a style of clothing; costume
    • to clothe or dress
  50. garner
    to collect or gather; to aquire or obtain
  51. gregarious
    enjoying the company of others; sociable
  52. harrowing
    very distressing or acutely painful
  53. impair
    to damage, weaken, or lessen
  54. inception
    the beginning of an action or process
  55. inherent
    existing as a natural part of something
  56. jaded
    dulled or wearied by excess or overindulgence
  57. maternal
    motherly; related to or inherited through one's mother
  58. meteoric
    coming into existence swiftly, suddenly, brightly, like a meteor
  59. nuance
    a very slight change in feeling or meaning; a graduation
  60. nurture
    • to care for and give sustenance to
    • the process of raising one's young
  61. obstrusive
    tending to push oneself forward in an unwelcome manner; noticeable in an undesirable way
  62. overbearing
    acting in an arrogant, domineering way
  63. paucity
    scarcity; smallness in number or amount
  64. pernicious
    very destructive or harmful
  65. porous
    full of tiny holes or spaces; easily penetrated by gas or liquid
  66. proffer
    to offer for acceptance or consideration
  67. quandary
    a state of being in doubt about what to do
  68. remonstrate
    to say in protest; to raise and objection
  69. repose
    to lie at rest; to place (power etc.) in some person or group
  70. rift
    a split or crack; a break in friendly relations
  71. scintillate
    to flash or sparkle; to be lively and witty
  72. scrutinize
    • to examine with great care
    • close examination
  73. solace
    comfort or relief in sorrow or distress; consolation
  74. solicitous
    showing interest and care; concerned
  75. spry
    moving with quickness and ease; lively
  76. succinct
    expressed clearly and in few words; concise
  77. supersede
    to replace; to cause to be set aside because of superiority
  78. synthetic
    not naturally produced; made by artificial processes
  79. tangible
    real; able to be touched; possible to understand or realize; not vague or uncertain
  80. transmute
    to change the form or appearance of
  81. trepidation
    apprehension; dread
  82. vogue
    the popular fashion of the time, wide acceptance or favor
  83. volition
    an act of consciously choosing or deciding; the power of choosing
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