AHS #7 Social marketing and education

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  1. 3 spheres of health promotion
    • Prevention (1, 2, 3 and primordial)
    • Protection (ex policy)
    • Education (good decisions and behavior)
  2. Being an agent of change: Explain the Tri-power model
    Knowledge, policy, social

    • (circling around this are:
    • individual and organization capability, social innovations, community empowerment, supportive environments, communication for mobilization )
  3. In the framework what are the social mobilization components?

    what are the catalysts, mobilizers, mobilized
    social mobilization components: policy advocacy, community mobilizations, social marketing, behavior change, commmunication

    catalysts mobilizers mobilized: national gov enable context, community enabling enviro, family, individual behavior change
  4. what is important about knowledge mobilization?
    getting the right info to the right people in the right format at the right time so as to influence decision making
  5. Why don't people do the "right" thing?
    • Ex from environmental sustainability (littering)
    • -people don't know about the alternative behavior or activity or its benefits
    • -people know about it, but think there are too many barriers
    • -people think their current behavior is more beneficial than the alternative
    • -people may not believe or trust the person providing the alternative
  6. What does the chart have that helps inform changes in behavior?
    • columns: old behavior, new behavior, competing behavior
    • rows: perceived benefits, perceived risk
  7. Primary prevention
    keeps things healthy before they develop functional changes that lead to disease
  8. why is primary prevention hard to do?
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