Pharmacy tech Quiz II

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  1. What type of prescription balance must be used for compounding 120 mg's of a 1% topical anti fungal cream?

    A. class A
    B. class B
    C. analytical
    D. bulk prescription balance
    class A
  2. Which legislation established two classes of drugs
  3. Durham-Humphrey Amendment
  4. What type of measuring device should be used to measure 3 ml of a liquid for compounding?

    A. 5ml beaker
    B. 10ml conical graduate
    C. 2 ml pipette
    D. 10 ml cylindrical graduate
    10 ml cylindrical graduate
  5. How long is a DEA  Form 222 valid?
  6. The process of producing a smooth dispersion of a drug with a spatula is called ?
  7. Which organization oversees medicare and medicaid services
  8. Grinding of tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain mortar is an example of :
  9. Which law allows pharmacists /interns to take prescriptions over the telephone from a physicians's office?
    Durham-Humphrey Amendment
  10. What is the most accurate device for measuring liquids?
    Cylindrical graduate
  11. The manufacturing dispensing and distribution of controlled substances is regulated by the 
  12. FDA
  13. Which drug requires a follow-up "cover" prescription when dispensed as a verbal order?

    A. Phenobarbital
    B. vicodin 
    C. Valium
    D. all the above
    • Phenobarbital
    • vicodin 
    • Valium
  14. How often must controlled substances be physically inventoried?
    once every 2 years
  15. Which federal legislation enacted in 1970 regulates the use and distribution of substances with high abuse potential ?
  16. How often must a laminar flow hood be checked ?
    every 6 months
  17. What size filter is considered a sterilizing filter?
    0.22 micron
  18. How far into the hood should the pharmacy technician work?
    6 inches
  19. The "C" designation for controlled substances must appear on a controlled prescription  
     in RED in the lower right hand corner of the Rx
  20. A vial of reconstituted Adriamycin Breaks inside a vertical flow hood. What should the technician do ?
    Clean up the spill with a spill kit 
  21. Which law allows nasal inhalers to be dispensed without a child-resistant container.
    Poison control act of 1970
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