ME 2024 Test 2

  1. What are the five steps of Concept Generation?
    • 1. Clarify the problem
    • 2. Search externally
    • 3. Search internally
    • 4. Explore systematically
    • 5. Reflect on the solutions and the process
  2. What are the five strategies for performing an external search?
    • 1. Interview lead users
    • 2. Consult experts
    • 3. Search patents
    • 4. Search published literature
    • 5. Benchmark related products
  3. What are the hints for generating solution concepts?
    • 1. Make analogies
    • 2. Wish and wonder
    • 3. Use related stimuli
    • 4. Use unrelated stimuli
    • 5. Set quantitative goals
    • 6. Use the gallery method
  4. The concept ___ table provides a way to consider compilations of solution fragments systematically
  5. The ___ is used to divide the entire space of possible solutions into several distinct classes which will facilitate comparison and "pruning"
    Concept classification tree
  6. Concept ___ is a more quantitative method to select a project solution
  7. Once the team has selected a project solution, it must enter the concept ___ phase
  8. A qualitative objective way to help select a solution to a project is to use the concept ___ method
  9. What is the name of Herman Miller's environmentally-friendly chair?
  10. True/False: Effective DFE maintains or improves product quality and cost while reducing environmental impacts.
  11. What does "DFE" stand for?
    Design for Environment
  12. What were the key areas that Herman Miller focused on regarding its product?
    • Material chemistry
    • Recycled content
    • Disassembly
    • Recyclability
  13. What type of interest is most commonly used?
  14. What does CFD stand for?
    Cash Flow Diagram
  15. What does the "n" stand for in Economic Equivalence calculations?
    Compounding periods
  16. What does FMEA stand for?
    Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  17. How is RPN calculated?
    Multiplying the numbers from severity, occurrence, and detection
  18. Of the cases below, which has the highest "detection" rating?

    C. Current controls will not detect failure
  19. The primary mission of industrial design is to focus on which aspects in relation to the user?
    Aesthetics and Ergonomics
  20. The industrial design process begins with which step?
    Investigation of customer needs
  21. What are the four types of intellectual properties listed in the textbook?
    • patent
    • trademark
    • trade secret
    • copyright
  22. Because ___ patents must be limited to ornamental design for most engineered goods, ___ patents are therefore pursued.
    Design, utility
  23. Patents can be awarded for a new process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, or an improvement of one of those. What three requirements are put on these types of inventions in order for them to be patentable?
    • Novel
    • useful
    • non-obvious
  24. Physical elements of a product are typically organized into several major physical building blocks called ___.
  25. What are the three types of modularity presented as a type of product architecture?
    • Slot
    • Bus
    • Sectional
  26. True/False: Due to broad implications of architectural decisions, inputs from marking, manufacturing, and design are essential in this aspect of product development.
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