7. Relationships

  1. Be perfect partners.
    • Be made for each other
    • Egymásnak vannak teremtve
  2. Get married.
    • Tie the knot.
    • get hitched
    • Csomót kötni
  3. Reach agreement with sb. by giving them part of what they want.
    • Meet sb halfway
    • Félúton találkozni
  4. Make the relationship between two people ór groups suffer.
    • Drive a wedge between people
    • Élet ver két ember közé
  5. Improve a difficult or tense situation by talking about it.
    • Clear the air
    • Tiszta helyzet
  6. Leave a bad situation.
    • Walk away
    • Elmegy, kisétál egy rossz helyzetből
  7. At a time when you are too angry or excited to think carefully.
    • In the heat of the moment
    • A pillanat hevében
  8. Do sg that will make a problem worse in the future.
    • Store sg up
    • Elraktároz, felhalmoz, (gondot)
  9. Be too emotionally close or spend too much time together.
    • Live in each other's pockets
    • Egymás szájában élnek
  10. Experience a difficult period in your life.
    • Go through a bad/sticky patch
    • Átmegy egy rázós életszakaszon
  11. Stop sb being as successful as they should be.
    • Hold sb back
    • Visszahúzódik, háttérben marad
  12. Increase in quantity or amount.
    • Pile up
    • Felhalmoz
  13. Be able to do whatever you like.
    • Do as you please
    • Please yourself
    • Tégy ahogy tetszik
  14. Have to explain your actions or decisions to sb.
    • Answer to sb (for sg)
    • Megfelel, megválaszol
  15. Treat sb badly, especially by changing your mind a lot or breaking promises.
    • Mess sb around/about
    • Kibabrál valakivel
  16. Not help or support sb as they had hoped pr expected.
    • Let sb down
    • Átejt, becsap
    • Cserben hagy
  17. End a romantic relationship with sb.
    • Finish with sb.
    • Véget vet egy kapcsolatnak
  18. Be too shocking or unpleasant to think about
    • Not bear thinking about
    • Rá sem bír gondolni
  19. The ending of a relationship or marriage.
    • Break-up
    • break up (with sb)
    • Felbont, véget ér
  20. Hamarabb szeretném
    Bármit megadnék azért, hogy
    A fél karomat adnám, ha
    • I'd (far) sooner
    • I'd give anything to
    • I'd give my right arm to
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7. Relationships