English Idioms

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  1. Salad days
    Your salad days are an especially happy period of your life.
  2. Sail close to the wind
    If you sail close to the wind, you take risks to do something, going close to the limit of what is allowed or acceptable.
  3. Salt of the earth
    People who are salt of the earth are decent, dependable and unpretentious.
  4. Last straw

    • You ' ve been late for work too often . This is the last straw . You ' re fired .  
    • 你最近遲到次數太頻繁, 叫人忍無可忍, 你被開除了。
  5. Let the cat out of the bag
    If you reveal a secret, you let the cat out of the bag.
  6. Get hitched
    If you get hitched, you get married.
  7. Get the ball rolling
    If you get the ball rolling, you start something so that it can start making progress.
  8. Paper over the cracks
    (尤指倉促或有漏洞)隱瞞或掩飾分歧(或錯誤、困難) Critics of government policy argue that the new measures introduced to fight crime are simply papering over the cracks .   批評政府政策的人指責反犯罪活動新措施, 認為純粹是為掩蓋過錯而制定的。
  9. Pandora's box
    open Pandora's box -to cause a lot of problems that did not exist before 打開潘多拉的盒子﹐引發種種禍患
  10. Pain in the neck
  11. Pie in the sky
    不可及的夢想; 渺茫的希望; 不能保證實現的諾言

    • Their ideas about reforming the prison system are just pie in the sky .  
    • 他們打算改革監獄制度的想法純粹是空中樓閣。

    • Political promises are often pie in the sky .  
    • 政治諾言經常是不保證能夠實現的。

    • What you said is only pie in the sky .  
    • 你所說的實在是渺茫得很。
  12. Pick up the tab
    A person who pays for everyone picks up the tab.
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