ELITE Vocabulary Cards A

  1. Largess
    n. generosity in giving gifts
  2. Trivial
    adj. of little worth or importance
  3. Beacon
    n. a signaling light; a source of guidance or inspiration
  4. Maelstorm
    n. a violently confused state; a very large whirlpool
  5. Plethora
    n. an excessive amount
  6. Zeal
    n. intense passion or enthusiasm
  7. Interlocutor
    n. someone who takes part in a conversation, esp. formally
  8. Fetid
    adj. having a bad odor
  9. Purvey
    v. to supply
  10. Scintillate
    v. to give off sparks; to be animated or brilliant
  11. Electorate
    n. the total group of qualified voters
  12. Generic
    adj. without a trademark; general
  13. Culinary
    adj. relating to the kitchen or cookery
  14. Ephemeral
    adj. lasting for a short time; fleeting
  15. Scruple
    n. a moral principle that restrains actions
  16. Rancid
    adj. spoiled or rotten (esp. oils or fats)
  17. Drastic
    adj. extreme; severe
  18. Sycophant
    n. one who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence
  19. Barrage
    n. a heavy, prolonged attack
  20. Remiss
    adj. carelss in, or negligent about, attending to a task
  21. Judicious
    adj. wise and careful
  22. Cornucopia
    n. an abundance
  23. Sacrosanct
    adj. very sacred, holy, or inviolable
  24. Monolithic
    adj. massive, solid and uniform in appearance
  25. Rote
    n. mechanical memorization, often without full understanding
  26. Odyssey
    n. a long, adventurous journey
  27. Dispose
    v. to give a tendencey or inclination to
  28. Submissive
    adj. willing to obey without resistance; docile
  29. Versatile
    adj. competent in many things
  30. Volatile
    adj. tending to vary widely; unstable; quickly evaporating
  31. Overwrought
    adj. extremely nervous or excited
  32. Self-Abnegation
    n. the putting aside of personal interest for the sake of others
  33. Craven
    adj. cowardly; contemptibly timid
  34. Antediluvian
    adj. very old; outdated
  35. Paroxysm
    n. a sudden convulsion or outburst; a fit
  36. Firebrand
    n. one who stirs up trouble or revolt
  37. Castigate
    v. to criticize severely, esp. in public
  38. Divulge
    v. to reveal or make known
  39. Rank
    adj. conspicuously offensive, esp. in smell or taste; complete
  40. August
    adj. inspiring awe or admiration, esp. because of high rank or character
  41. Seduce
    v. to lure or attract; to lead astray
  42. Profound
    adj. very deep; penetrating beyond the superficial
  43. Gauge
    n. an instrument for measuring or testing

    v. to measure
  44. Olfactory
    adj. relating to the sense of smell
  45. Embed
    v. to fix in a surrounding mass
  46. Hedonist
    n. someone who seeks only pleasure
  47. Winsome
    adj. charming, esp. in a childlike or innocient way
  48. Commodious
    adj. spacious; roomy
  49. Adduce
    v. to show as an example or means of proving something
  50. Placid
    adj. calm, undisturbed
  51. Variegated
    adj. distinctly marked with different colors; diverse
  52. Edible
    adj. able to be eaten
  53. Subtle
    adj. not immediately obvious; hard to understand
  54. Renovate
    v. to make new
  55. Obtrude
    v. to push forward; to impose (oneself or ideas) on others
  56. Derive
    v. to obtain from a specified source
  57. Menial
    adj. lowly or servant-like
  58. Irascible
    adj. easily angered; quick-tempered
  59. Astringent
    adj. severe; strong; harsh
  60. Extol
    v. to praise highly and lavishly
  61. Endeavor
    n. a serious attempt or effort
  62. Podium
    n. a raised platform on which a speaker or conductor stands
  63. Conducive
    adj. tending to bring about
  64. Innocuous
    adj. harmless
  65. Extract
    v. to remove, esp. with effort
  66. Evoke
    v. to call forth or call to mind
  67. Byproduct
    n. a side-effect; something produced in the making of something else
  68. Egregious
    adj. oustanding for undesirable qualities; remarkably bad
  69. Prudent
    adj. marked by careful planning; discreet
  70. Blatant
    adj. offensively obvious; unpleasantly noisy
  71. Conceit
    n. a fanciful idea or image, esp. an exaggerated poetic comparison; an extravagant construction
  72. Palette
    n. a board which an artist can hold while painting and on which colors can be mixed; the range of colors used in a particular artist
  73. Negotiate
    v. to succeed in going over, coping with, or accomplishing
  74. Approbation
    n. official approval
  75. Innate
    adj. possessed at birth; inborn
  76. Habitat
    n. the place where a person or thing is ordinarily found
  77. Cryptic
    adj. secretive or partially concealed; mysterious
  78. Eschew
    v. to avoid; to shun
  79. Cosmopolitan
    adj. having worldwide scope; so sophisticated as to be at home in all parts of the world
  80. Morass
    n. an area of swampy ground; something that hinders
  81. Palatable
    adj. pleasant or acceptable to the taste
  82. Gauche
    adj. socially awkward
  83. Encumber
    v. to burden or weigh down
  84. Indelible
    adj. incapable of being removed or erased
  85. Draconian
    adj. extremely harsh and severe
  86. Ecstasy
    n. a state of overwhelming joy; rapture
  87. Liable
    adj. legally obligated; likely (w/ reference to an unfavorable outcome)
  88. Anachronism
    n. something not belonging to a certain time period
  89. Encomioum
    n. high praise
  90. Montage
    n. a composite element, esp. pictures, placed closely next to one another
  91. Hermetic
    adj. completely sealed, esp. from entry or escape of air
  92. Uncanny
    adj. strangely unsettling, as if of supernatural origin
  93. Engaging
    adj. attractive; charming
  94. Commodity
    n. an item of trade or commerce, esp. as distinguished from a service
  95. Peer
    n. a person or thing of the same rank
  96. Acumen
    n. quickness and accuracy of judgment or insight
  97. Incessant
    adj. never pausing; continuous; without a stop
  98. Gamut
    n. an entire range or series
  99. Quixotic
    adj. foolishly idealistic; extravagantly chivalrous
  100. Induct
    v. to place formally in office; to admit as a member
  101. Infinitesimal
    adj. exceedingly small; minute
  102. Disabuse
    v. to free from error or falsehood
  103. Corollary
    n. a natural consequence or effect; a deduction or an inference
  104. Subside
    v. to settle down
  105. Mercurial
    adj. easily changeable; erratic
  106. Discreet
    adj. careful about what one says or does; prudent
  107. Definitive
    adj. complete
  108. Linchpin
    n. a central element that holds other parts together
  109. Inextricable
    adj. incapable of being solved or untangled
  110. Herald
    v. to bear news; to announce
  111. Nurture
    v. to nourish, educate, or encourage
  112. Disarray
    n. confusion, disorder
  113. Stem
    v. to stop; to restrain
  114. Confiscate
    v. to seize (private property) by or as if by someone in authority
  115. Timid
    adj. easily frightened; lacking self-confidence
  116. Lackadaisical
    adj. showing lack or interest or spirit
  117. Abduct
    v. to take away, kidnap
  118. Exacerbate
    v. to make more violent, bitter, or severe
  119. Girth
    n. the distance around something; circumference
  120. Erratic
    adj. inconsistent, unpredictable
  121. Atavistic
    adj. reverting to past traits, esp. to traits absent for a long time
  122. Cajole
    v. to attempt to persuade with flattery or insincere talk
  123. Desiccate
    v. to dry completely
  124. Heyday
    n. a time of success or popularity
  125. Venial
    adj. easily excused or forgiven
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