ELITE Vocabulary Cards B

  1. S
  2. Arable
    adj. suitable for growing crops (of land)
  3. Provenance
    n. place or source of origin
  4. Rebuke
    v. to criticize sharply
  5. Advocate
    v. to speak in support of something
  6. Equivocal
    adj. capable of multiple interpretations; unclear
  7. Facade
    n. outward appearance; the face of a building
  8. Abrade
    v. to wear down a surface by or as if by scraping
  9. Cavalcade
    n. an order of events; a procession
  10. Antithesis
    n. direct contrast; opposition
  11. Opportunist
    n. one who takes advantage of every opportunity, whether or not it is moral to do so
  12. Solicitous
    adj. showing anxious concern
  13. Dire
    adj. warning of or having terrible consequences
  14. Assimilate
    v. to take in as one's own; to absorb; to adapt or adjust to the customs, etc. of a group
  15. Downtrodden
    adj. badly and unfairly treated; oppressed
  16. Jilt
    v. to reject or cast off
  17. Burnish
    v. to polish
  18. Allegory
    n. a literary work in which the characters represent abstract ideas; a symbolic representation
  19. Blight
    n. a plant disease; something that impairs growth, progress, or prosperity
  20. Itinerant
    adj. traveling from place to place, esp. for work
  21. Concur
    v. to agree
  22. Improvident
    adj. not preparing for the future; incautious
  23. Robust
    adj. strong and full of health
  24. Reprehensible
    adj. deserving to be severely criticized
  25. Transient
    adj. passing with time; remaining only briefly
  26. Dismay
    v. to destroy courage or resolution; to cause to lose enthusiasm, to disillusion
  27. Germane
    adj. fitting and appropriate
  28. Effrontery
    n. bold and insulting behavior
  29. Disconsolate
    adj. extremely unhappy; seemingly beyond comforting
  30. Ensue
    v. to happen subsequently
  31. Hubris
    n. excessive pride
  32. Laudable
    adj. worthy of praise
  33. Hallmark
    n. any mark or symbol of genuineness or high quality
  34. Emulate
    v. to copy someone; to imitate
  35. Mnemonic
    adj. pertaining to or assisting the memory
  36. Apogee
    n. the highest point; the farthest point in a satellite's orbit
  37. Phlegmatic
    adj. having a calm, sluggish temperament; unemotional
  38. Antiseptic
    adj. free from germs; thoroughly clean

    n. a substance that inhibits the growth of germs
  39. Recur
    v. to repeat; to occur again
  40. Austere
    adj. stern or severe in appearance; without luxury
  41. Repose
    n. relaxation; a state of rest
  42. Burgeon
    v. to sprout or grow rapidly
  43. Reticence
    n. the quality or state of being silent or uncommunicative
  44. Inculcate
    v. to teach or impress by frequent repetition; to instill
  45. Posterity
    n. future generations
  46. Extricate
    v. to remove from an entanglement or difficulty
  47. Emphatic
    adj. done or expressed with force
  48. Repel
    v. to drive or force back; to drive off
  49. Incoherent
    adj. not sticking together; not logically connected
  50. Engender
    v. to beget; to cause; to promote
  51. Sequester
    v. to move or set apart; to quarantine
  52. Ascertain
    v. to discover with certainty, as through examination
  53. Bondage
    n. slavery; servitude
  54. Disseminate
    v. to scatter widely; (of information) to make known
  55. Inordinate
    adj. excessive, unrestrained
  56. Doctrine
    n. a set of principles (religious, political, etc.); a rule of law, esp. as established by precedent
  57. Recede
    v. to go back; to withdraw
  58. Impinge
    v. to have an effect on something, esp. a negative one; to encroach
  59. Allege
    v. to assert to be true, esp. without or before proof
  60. Epitome
    n. a representative example of a type
  61. Hoodwink
    v. to deceive; to mislead
  62. Moribund
    adj. approaching death; nearly obsolete
  63. Tract
    n. an area of land or water; a brief written work, usually on a religious or political topic
  64. Venerable
    adj. worthy of honor and respect by reason of dignity, age, etc.
  65. Berate
    v. to scold severely and at length
  66. Alienate
    v. to make unfriendly or hostile
  67. Panacea
    n. a cure-all or an all-purpose solution
  68. Affluence
    n. wealth
  69. Contrite
    adj. feeling sorry for what one has done
  70. Excruciating
    adj. severely painful
  71. Melancholy
    adj. sad, esp. a lingering or habitual state of mind
  72. Redress
    v. to set right; to remedy
  73. Impoverished
    adj. without money; deprived of natural resources
  74. Deplete
    v. to gradually use up (resources, strength, etc.)
  75. Vantage
    n. a position that gives a wide view
  76. Regimen
    n. a set of rules, usually followed for therapeutic effect
  77. Precarious
    adj. dangerously insecure or unstable
  78. Cordial
    adj. warm and friendly; hearty
  79. Abdicate
    v. to willingly give up ht eposition of king, queen, etc.; to choose not to fulfill a role or duty
  80. Voracious
    adj. devouring; extremely hungry
  81. Banish
    v. to drive away; to force to leave a place by official decree
  82. Surly
    adj. sullen and rude
  83. Obsolete
    adj. no longer working or in use; out-of-date
  84. Magnanimous
    adj. generous; noble in mind
  85. Subterfuge
    n. a sneaky or devious method for avoiding difficulty or unpleasantness
  86. Vernacular
    n. informal speech; native language
  87. Claustrophobia
    n. fear of confined spaces
  88. Congenial
    adj. suited to one's needs or nature; friendly; sympathetic
  89. Acrid
    adj. harsh; sarcastic; bitter to the taste
  90. Dogmatic
    adj. arrogantly asserting unproved principles
  91. Catharsis
    n. purging of the emotions
  92. Manifest
    adj. obvious; very clear; evident
  93. Terse
    adj. without unnecessary words; succinct
  94. Amorphous
    adj. without definite shape; shapeless; unorganized
  95. Choleric
    adj. easily angered; bad-tempered
  96. Coherent
    adj. logically consistent and orderly
  97. Halcyon
    adj. calm; peaceful
  98. Sullen
    adj. showing silent anger and unwillingness to be pleasant to people
  99. Defer
    v. to delay; to put off
  100. Crevice
    n. a crack or narrow fissure
  101. Coax
    v. to persuade or obtain by pleading or flattery
  102. Indefatigable
    adj. tireless, unceasing
  103. Tandem
    n. a relationship between two people or things involving cooperative action
  104. Explicate
    v. to give a detailed, usually learned explanation or analysis
  105. Lugubrious
    adj. sad or mournful, esp. in a way that seems exaggerated or ridiculous
  106. Moratorium
    n. suspension of activity; authorized delay
  107. Ulterior
    adj. lying beyond what is evident, revealed, or claimed
  108. Camaraderie
    n. loyalty; a warm, friendly feeling among members of a group
  109. Affable
    adj. friendly; easy to talk to
  110. Acrimony
    n. bitter, sharp hostility in speech or behavior
  111. Cantankerous
    adj. bad-tempered; quarrelsome
  112. Improvise
    v. to do without preparation
  113. Premonition
    n. a sense of a future event; a warning in advance
  114. Putrid
    adj. in a foul state, as of decaying flesh; rotten
  115. Abide
    v. to tolerate
  116. Avocation
    n. a hobby
  117. Propaganda
    n. material distributed by those in favor of a specific caues and reflecting their point of view
  118. Sanguine
    adj. optimistic, cheerful
  119. Edifice
    n. a building; architectural monument
  120. Sinecure
    n. a paid position that requires little or no work
  121. Squander
    v. to spend wastefully
  122. Ubiquitous
    adj. present everywhere
  123. Sully
    v. to dirty or tarnish, esp. by disgracing
  124. Diffident
    adj. lacking self-confidence; timid; shy
  125. Quintessence
    n. a pure substance or essence of something
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