BBG chapter 4

  1. What does a semicolon signify in the Greek Text?
    • a question mark
    • ; = ?
  2. What are the 4 Greek Punctuation Marks?
    • Comma
    • period
    • Semicolon (signified by a .
    • Question mark signified by ;
  3. Diacritical Marks
    • Diaresis
    • Apostrophe
    • Accents
  4. Diaresis
    • two dots placed above a a letter.
    • used to show that the second vowel in a makes a distinct sound and is therefore not a diphthong.
  5. when is an Apostrphe used?
    when a preposition ends with a vowel and the next word begins with a vowel, the final vowel of the first word drops out. This is called "elision". it is marked by and apostrophe. Similar to an english contraction.
  6. what is an elision?
    when a prepostion ends with a vowel and the next word begins with a vowel.
  7. When are Accents used?
    in almost every Greek word. it is placed over a vowel and shows which syllable receives the accent.
  8. What types of accents are there?
    • Acute - shows that the pitch originally went up
    • Grave - pitch originally went down
    • Circumflex - pitch rose then dropped a little.
  9. what areas do accents help?
    • pronunciation
    • memorization
    • identification
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BBG chapter 4
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