Study for secondary:geography

  1. what is the name of earths outer skin?
    The crust
  2. What is under the earths outer skin?
    The mantle
  3. What is under the mantle?
    The inner and outer core.
  4. What is the inner/outer core made up of?
    iron and nickel.
  5. What is plate tectonics?
    plate tectonics is when the plates of the earth start moving.
  6. How many continents are there?
  7. What causes plate tectonics?
    Magma under the crust causes plate tectonics.
  8. What was the name of the super continent before it was split into seven plates?
  9. What is a mid oceanic ridge?
    An underwater mountain range.
  10. Name the three classes volcanos can be listed under.
    • Active
    • dormant
    • extinct
  11. How does an earthquake happen?
    An earthquake happens when two plates collide with each other.
  12. What is the name given to the instrument used to measure the size of an earthquake?
  13. What is the name given to the instrument That measures the force of an earthquake?
    Ritcher scale.
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Study for secondary:geography
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