Y9 forces

  1. What is a moment?
    The turning effect of a force
  2. How are moments calculated?
    Moment (Nm) = Force (N) x distance from pivot (m)
  3. What is a pivot?
    The point around which something turns
  4. What is fulcrum an alternative word for?
  5. What is a lever?
    Something that uses moments to make a task require less force (make it easier)
  6. Name some examples of levers
    • Can opener
    • Scissors (especially nail scissors)
    • Wheel barrow
    • Crowbar
    • Wheel spanner
  7. What do we know about the anti-clockwise moment and the clock wise moment if an object is not turning?
    They are balanced
  8. What are the units for force?
    Newtons (N)
  9. What are the units of distance?
    Metres (m)
  10. What are the units of moments?
    Newton metres (Nm)
  11. What is a pendulum?
    An object that swings to and fro
  12. What affects the time that a pendulum takes to make a complete swing?
    The length of the pendulum (nothing else!)
  13. What name we give to the time for a pendulum to make a complete swing (back to its starting place)?
    Time Period
  14. What unit is used to measure time?
    second (s)
  15. What unit is used to measure speed?
    Metres per second (m/s)
  16. What unit is used to measure acceleration?
    Metres per second squared

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  17. What is the equation for calculating acceleration?
    change in speed / time taken
  18. Name the force that keeps objects moving in a circle
    Centripetal force
  19. In which direction does centripetal force act?
    Towards the centre of the circle
  20. What is the unit of centripetal force?
    Newtons (N)
  21. What three things affect the size of the centripetal force needed to keep an object moving in a circle?
    • Radius of the circle
    • Speed of the object
    • Mass of the object
  22. Does increased speed need a larger or smaller centripetal force?
  23. If the radius of the circle increases, what effect does this have on the centripetal force needed?
    It reduces
  24. If the mass of the object increases, what effect does this have on the centripetal force needed?
  25. What provides the centripetal force that keeps the Earth orbiting around the Sun?
  26. What provides the centripetal force that keeps a conker tied to a piece of string moving in a circle
    The tension in the string
  27. In which direction does air resistance act?
    Opposite to the direction of travel
  28. If the speed of an object increases, how does this affect the air resistance?
    Air resistance increases
  29. If forces are balanced what do we know about the speed of an object?
    • It moves at a constant speed.
    • (If it was not moving it stays not moving)
  30. What is terminal velocity?
    • The speed an object moves at when the forces acting on it are balanced.
    • eg a skydiver falling when her weight and air resistance are equal
  31. Why does opening a parachute increase air resistance?
    The parachute has a large surface area
  32. What are the two units of pressure?
    Image Upload 2 or Pascals (Pa)
  33. What is the equation to calculate pressure?
    Image Upload 3
  34. What are the units for Area ?
    Image Upload 4
  35. What is inertia a measure of?
    How hard to start or stop something moving
  36. What two things affect the inertia of an object?
    • Mass
    • Speed
  37. When a skydiver is falling, does her weight or air resistance change as her speed changes?
    Air resistance (Her weight is constant)
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