veterinary muscular system

  1. 4 functions?
    stability, heat generation, maintaining posture, and stabilizing joints.
  2. fascia
    thin connective tissue that surrounds the muscle
  3. flexion
    to decrease the angle between two bones
  4. extension
    to increase the angle between 2  bones
  5. abduction
    limb away from body
  6. adduction
    limb towards body
  7. rotation
    twisting circulating movement
  8. circumduction
    distal end of limb moves in a circle
  9. during an intramuscular injection you should be careful of?
    hitting the sciatic nerve or injecting into a vein
  10. how can you check that you are not injecting into a vein?
    pull back a bit on the needle and you should get resistance and no blood
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