veterinary lymphatic system

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  1. 3 functions of the lymphatic system are
    • body defense
    • filtration of lymph
    • and re circulation of interstitial fluid.
  2. where does lymph come from?
    interstitial fluid, which comes from blood
  3. lymph nodes are __________, come in ______, filter _____, and are ________ ____ _______.
    encapsulated, pairs, lymph associated with vessels.
  4. the names  and locations of the lymph nodes are:
    • Mandibular, found under the jaw
    • prescapular, found in the chest area 
    • popliteal, back of leg knee area
    • axillary, chest armpit area
    • tonsils are in the back of the throat
  5. whats special about the tonsils?
    they are not encapsulated.
  6. some lymphatic organs and their purpose?
    • spleen, located cranial abdomen, filters blood, a blood reservoir
    • thymus, cranial thorax, t.lymphocytes
    • Gut Associates Lymphatic Tissue (GALT)
    • intestines largest lymphatic system.
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