Quizzing: Romans 12

  1. As what does Paul urge you to offer your bodies?
    A living sacrifice (holy and pleasing to God.)
  2. In view of whose mercy does Paul does Paul urge you to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice?
  3. By what should you be transformed?
    The renewing of your mind.
  4. How should you be transformed?
    By the renewing of your mind.
  5. Who has distributed faith to each of you?
  6. What has God distributed to each of you?
  7. How do we, through many, form one body in Christ?
    Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function.
  8. Who has one body with many members?
    Each of us.
  9. To what does each member belong?
    All the others.
  10. Who form one body in Christ?
    We, through many.
  11. According to what do we have different gifts?
    The grace given to each of us.
  12. What if your gift is serving?
    Then serve.
  13. When should you serve?
    If your gift is serving.
  14. When should you give generously?
    If your gift is giving.
  15. How should you give if your gift is giving?
  16. To what should you cling?
    What is good.
  17. What should you hate?
    What is evil.
  18. How should you be devoted to one another?
    In love.
  19. Whom should you honor above yourselves?
    One another.
  20. What should you be in prayer?
  21. In what should you be patient?
  22. With whom should you share?
    The Lord's people who are in need.
  23. Whom should you bless?
    Those who persecute you.
  24. Whom should you not curse?
    Those who peresecute you.
  25. With whom should you rejoice?
    Those who rejoice.
  26. With whom should you mourn?
    Those who mourn.
  27. In what should you live with one another?
  28. In whose eyes should you be careful to do what is right?
    The eyes of everyone.
  29. What should you be carful to do in the eyes of everyone?
    What is right.
  30. At what should you live with everyone if it is possible?
  31. Who says, "It is mine to avenge; I will repay?"
    The Lord.
  32. Whose is it to avenge?
    The Lord.
  33. For what should you leave room?
    God's wrath.
  34. When should you feed your enemy?
    If he is hungry.
  35. On what will you heap burning coals in doing this?
    Your enemy's head.
  36. By what should you not be overcome?
  37. What should you overcome with good?
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