history of funeral home

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  1. which culture is associated with the practice of immersing the body of the dead in earthen jars filled with honey or wax
  2. with which era are the yrs 30,000 B.C. to 6,000 B.C. associated
    Neolithic Period
  3. the yrs associated with the Medieval Period are
    600 A.D. to 1850 A.D.
  4. tree burial was associated with
    North American Indian
  5. the year 1628 is associated with which great event in the history of embalming
    discovery of blood circulstion
  6. the one in Egypt known as God of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead was
  7. the one who created mummies that were referred to as "Xaxos" were the
  8. in Egyptian history, the walled suburb of a major city where embalming was performed was referred to as the
  9. the earliest assumed state of man was depictive of which era
  10. which cultures were believed to have thrown their dead to hordes of wild dogs
  11. according to ancient Egyptian death beliefs, the element of the body which remained with the body in the grave and demanded attention from the living was the
  12. the most expensive method of Egyptian embalming consisted of 5 steps, the of which was
    bandaging and anointing
  13. According to ancient Egyptian history, the #s approximates the of yrs required to complete the journey known as the "Circle of Necessity"
  14. the term Sarcophagus refers to
    a coffin
  15. which ppl are known to have skinned their dead as part of the body preparation procedure
    North American Indians
  16. the term "Tabona" referred to
    a flint stone knife
  17. the Egyptians felt that which organ was the seat of intellect and emotion
  18. what did the Egyptians believe to be the Center of the Universe
    the Sun
  19. how often did the inundation (overflowing) of the Nile River occur
    once a yr
  20. regarding the journey known as the Circle of Necessity, according to the Egyptians, where did this journey lead
    to the Sun and back
  21. who was the Greek historian known as the Father of History
  22. the "Guild of All Souls" was established in
    London, England
  23. the "Father of Modern Embalming" in the United States is
    Dr. Thomas Holmes
  24. in discussing the undertaking specialists of ancients Egypt, what is referred to as the priest
  25. the Ba, Yakhu, The Name, The Heart, The Shadow, and The Ka are elements of the body that were associated with which cultures
  26. Libitina and Libitinerius are funeral functionaries identified with what early cultures
  27. the "Crier" in Ancient Rome was also referred to as the
  28. the Cult of Dionysius is associated with what culture
    Ancient Greeks
  29. the "Elysian Fields" death belief is associated with which culture
    Ancient Egyptians
  30. the "Cult of Osiris" identified with which early civilization
    Ancient Egyptians
  31. the placing of various organs in canopic jars and embalming by class distinction was specifically associated with which early civilization
    Ancient Egyptains
  32. the "Designator" in ancient Rome was also referred to as the
    Master of Ceremonies
  33. the use of an "effigy" became popularized during
    middle ages
  34. during the Middle Ages, a waxed death mask was referred to as a(n)
  35. the Great Plague of London took place during the
    Middle Ages
  36. the Great Plague of London took place in what yrs
  37. a "Sin-Eater" was associated with which Ancient culture
  38. in discussing early American funerals, inviters to funeral and town undertakers were referred to as
    municipal officers
  39. the Egyptian "God of the Dead" was
  40. Burial Societies were becoming common place during
    Medieval Period
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