Final Vocab

  1. Wanton
    adj unrestrained, wild
  2. Mettle
    n spirit, courage, of strong character
  3. Dauntless
    adj fearless
  4. Lave
    v to wash or bathe
  5. Laudable
    adj deserving of praise or resepect
  6. Interdiction
    n a law which prohibits
  7. Perturbation
    n a disturbance
  8. purge
    v to cleanse of sin or impurities
  9. posterity
    n future generations
  10. fell
    adj. cruel; ruthless
  11. infirmity
    n weakness or illness
  12. naught
    adj mocking
  13. equivocation
    n act/state of being two sided; double meaning
  14. marshal
    v to steer or guide
  15. dudgeon
    n the hilt of a daggar
  16. incarnadine
    v to redden
  17. clamor
    n loud noise or ruckus
  18. parley
    n a discussion to from a truce
  19. auger
    n a tool ised for digging
  20. minion
    n someone esteemed pr praised
  21. benison
    n a blessing
  22. vizard
    n a mask
  23. rooky
    adj gloomy
  24. maw
    n stomach
  25. beldam
    n witch; hag
  26. germen
    n something yet uncreated; an idea
  27. furbish
    v to restore to original condition
  28. anon
    adv in a minute
  29. unlineal
    adj not in a direct line
  30. diminutive
    adj tiny
  31. bestow
    v to give as a gift
  32. prate
    to talk idly about something
  33. scotch
    v to mar or damage
  34. barren
    adj unable to ae children; infirtile
  35. vanquish
    v to defeat
  36. bodement
    n an omen of bad things in store
  37. pernicious
    adj deadly
  38. avaricious
    adj greedy
  39. cistern
    n a tank that holds water
  40. hoodwink
    v to deceive or trick
  41. bane
    n object of hatred
  42. indissoluble
    adj unable to be broken
  43. parricide
    n the act of killing one's parents
  44. incense
    v to make extremely angry
  45. avouch
    v to avow or declare with authority
  46. eminence
    n the state of towering above others
  47. idle
    adj lazy, inactive
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