Class 1323

  1. How should teachers try to observe the Child
    with out being noticed
  2. What should your daily conversations with children include
    Things that are meaningful to the child
  3. How long does it take for some children to make contact with peers
    days or even weeks
  4. How should you respond when a child hits another child out of anger
    intervene immediately and ask what happen
  5. What classroom activity will help children to strengthen their arm muscles
    block building
  6. What did Vygotsky believe
    children need culture to expand their thinking
  7. Should you include evidence on a developmental check list
  8. Who develops small motor dexterity first
    Economically disadvantaged children before middle income children
  9. What does it mean if a child is engaging in pretent play by himself
    he is at the beginning sequence of pretending
  10. Are competitive races the best way to help children learn to run with control
  11. Why is it important to screen all children on all itens on the motor skills checklist
    in order to set up appropriate activities for each child
  12. How do preschool children stand up for their own rights
    not allowing others to make then do something
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