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  1. After a tech diagnoses the problem with the customer's machine he or she does what 2 things?
    Contacts the administrator and tells him which type fo part must be ordered through Eclaim, Submits an elctronic claim and orders the replacement part
  2. You should always match part for part by ordering a replacement part that is exactly the same as what you have just removed from the machine. True or False
  3. The bar code number for the returned part is not used by Lenovo to validate that it came from the appropriate machine. True or False?
    False, it is used by Lenovo to validate that it came from the appropriate machine
  4. When the replacement part arrives what 3 steps should the tech perform?
    Remove the defective part from the machine, Fit and test the replacement part carefully, Before leaving the customer site make sure the original problem has been fixed by the replacement part
  5. Parts must be packaged and shipped indiviually with the return tag provided by Lenovo. True or False?
  6. Static-senstive components do not have to be handled and shipped using proper ESD procedures. True or False?
    False. Components do have to be handled and shipped using proper ESE procedures
  7. When returning a defective part each package must contain the ________ return tag and proof of purchase, if required.
  8. For question regarding the pre-paid return shipping lable who to you contact?
    Warranty Claim Center 1-800-388-7080
  9. The Eclaim parts order is also the _________ _________ reimbursement request
    Warranty Claim
  10. Lenovo reimburses 2 travel fee's per site on that same day. True or False?
    False, Lenovo only reimburses 1 travel fee per site that same day.
  11. What does FRU stand for?
    Field replaceable units
  12. What does CRU stand for?
    Customer replaceable units
  13. If an approved servicer uses Eclaim to order a CRU for their customer then the return of the defective part remains the responsibility of the service provider. True or false?
  14. Is a keyboard a FRU or a CRU?
  15. Another resource for tech's and administrators is the ______
    SSG (Service Support Guide)
  16. What does SSG stand for?
    Service Support Guide
  17. The _____ acts as an online reference source for a wide range of warranty-related information
    SSG (Service Support Guide)
  18. What does TVT stand for?
    ThinkVantage Technologies
  19. A tech should call who if you have questions about shipment schedules for products, product orders, sales training programs
    Marketing Rep
  20. A tech should call who in the following instances: If you need a part that is on back-order, If you need emergency warranty replacement parts orders from the emergency warranty parts program(also call over the counter)
    Dealer Warranty Claim Center
  21. Is the Emergency Warranty Parts Program fee based?
    Yes it is fee based
  22. What supports the following areas: Warranty operations management, Warranty information, Investigationand resolution of warranty adn post-warranty issues such as parts returns and claim rejections, Special exception activity, such as late returns and wrong parts, Business Partner service training assistance, Non-technical issues concerning service
    SMSC (Service Management Support Center)
  23. What does SMSC stand for?
    Service Management Support Center
  24. Replacement parts are ordered by using which application?
  25. Is Entitlement information for all customers available in the Service Support Guide (SSG)?
    No it is not available
  26. An onsite repair means that travel is required. True or False?
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