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  1. Are these products now support by Lenovo? ThinkPad Series PCs, ThinkCentre Series PCs, Lenovo Series PCs, ThinkPlus products.
    Yes they are now supported
  2. Are the IBM xSeries servers, Intellistation systems and printers only supported by IBM and not Lenovo?
    Yes they are only supported by IBM
  3. To become a Lenovo Approved Servicei Provider a service location is required to:(4 things)
    Pay a warranty service stat-up fee, Meet minimum performance standards, Have access to an Intel-based PC, Ensure that adminstartors and tehcnicians are Lenovo-approved so that service location can receive reimbursement
  4. What does SPM site stand for?
    Support Profile Management site
  5. The administrator can submit Lenovo warranty claims electronically via:
  6. What are the 3 minimum service performance requirements for Lenovo Business Partners?
    Customer satisfaction of 85%, Average parts per machine (PPM) of 1.5 or less, 85% first-time fix rate
  7. What do PFP stand for?
    Pay for Performance
  8. The only sure way to check warranty entitlement and eligibility is online, using the Entitlement Lookup feature available from the _________ Web site
  9. What information is available through Eclaim is derived from Lenovo ship dates, and approximation of shelf life, and the appropriate warranty time period?
    Entitlement information
  10. If the customer's proof of purchase indicates a warranty expriation datae different than Lenovo's records indicate, the validproof of purchase documentation is the final authority. It will need to be submitted to Lenovo with the claim. True or False?
  11. What site allows approved service partners to manage company and contact profiles, Lenovo Training Solutions course records and Restricted Lenovo Service and Support tools and information.
    SPM (Service and Support Profile Management)
  12. Valid warranty claims include the replacement of defective parts and labor-only claims. True or False?
  13. Labor only claims do not have to include a detailed explanation fo the service performed. True or False?
  14. A Lenovo-approved technician must perfrom all warranty service, using parts obtained from Lenovo? True or False?
  15. Warranty claims need to be sumitted 8 days of fixing the problem? True or False?
    False. Warranty claims need to be sumitted 15 days of fixing the problem
  16. Defective parts must be returned within 30 days of replacing the malfunctioning part. True or False?
  17. What are these assoiciated with? Software problems exhibited by the operating system, application programs, BIOS levels, and device drivers/ Repairs of damage as the result of abuse or misuse/ Cosmetic repairs, including those associated with the end of the lease/ Repairs associated with non-Lenovo option, adapters, or memory/ Installation, configuration and setup/ Telephone support and customer training
    Invalid warranty claims
  18. _________ _________ is a new protfolio of warranty upgrades and maintenance option for ThinkPad and ThinkCentre systems sold by Lenovo after April 30,2005
    ThinkPlus Services
  19. Do you have to have some for of Lenovo warranty as a prerequisite for ThinkPad Protection?
  20. What process is this: Take the Warranty Call/ Check Machine Entitlement/ Diagnose the problem/ Submit the Claim (Order Part)/ Receive the Replacement Part/ Return the Defective Part/ Receive Reimbursement
    Warranty Claim Process
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