The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary

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  1. Ignominy
  2. Contumely
    insult, humiliating treatment
  3. Preternatural
  4. Impediment
    block, hindrance
  5. Remonstrance
    a plea in opposition of something
  6. Abate
  7. Iniquity
    evil, wickedness
  8. Ignominious
    shameful, dishonorable
  9. Sagacity
    wise, shrewd
  10. Exhort
    beg, urge strongly
  11. Amenable
    readily brought to submit, obedient
  12. Alchemy
  13. Potent
  14. Leech
  15. Requital
    something given in return, compensation, retaliation
  16. Quaff
    to drink deeply
  17. Infamy
    evil reputation brought about by something grossly criminal
  18. Paramour
  19. Besmirch
    dirty, soil
  20. Vivify
  21. Sumptuary
    designed to regulate personal expenditure, and to prevent personal extravagance (on moral or religious grounds)
  22. Plebian
    one of common people (roman plebs)
  23. Emolument
  24. Ascetic
    practicing self denial, severe, austere in appearance
  25. Succor
  26. Insidious
    treacherous, harmful but seductive
  27. Talisman
    token, amulet
  28. Imbue
    to tinge or dye
  29. Caprice
    a sudden, impulsive motion, or action, unpredictable
  30. Placidity
    complacent, calm
  31. Sprite
    disembodied spirit, ghost, a small supernatural being
  32. Anathema
    one cursed by ecclesiastical authority; a solemn curse
  33. Rankle
    to cause anger, irritation or bitterness
  34. Balm
    something that soothes, comforts, or restores
  35. Abyss
    bottomless pit; intellectual profundity
  36. Pristine
    very clean
  37. Imperious
    commanding, dominant
  38. Cabalistic
    skilled in esoteric or mysterious art; a number of persons secretly united to bring about overturn or usurpation
  39. Physiognomy
    face, appearance
  40. Panoply
    ceremonial armor, a magnificent display
  41. Melancholy
  42. Mountebank
    quack, charlatan (fraud)
  43. Caper
  44. Aver
    declare positively
  45. Importune
    to press or urge with troublesome persistence
  46. Orthodox
    conforming to an established doctrine
  47. Somniferous
    soporific, drowsy
  48. Portent
    something that foreshadows an upcoming event
  49. Scurrilous
    vulgarly abusive
  50. Gibe
    jeer, tuant
  51. Effluence
    something that flows out; overflow of waste
  52. Enigma
    mystery, puzzle, riddle
  53. Impute
    to falsely accuse; charge
  54. Primeval
    ancient; primitive
  55. Loquacity
    state of being talkative
  56. Vivacious
    lively in temper or conduct
  57. Satiate
    to satisfy fully or to excess
  58. Harrow
  59. Solace
    alleviation of grief or anxiety
  60. Dryad
    wood nymph
  61. Prattle
    to babble
  62. Mollify
    soften, appease
  63. Alloy
    the mixture of two or more metals
  64. Vicissitude
    mutability; state of being changeable
  65. Uncouth
    uncommon; outlandish; lacking in polish
  66. Obtrusive
    forward in manner or conduct
  67. Obeisance
    bow, act of deference
  68. Pithy
    tersely cogent; having substance and point
  69. Mien
  70. Lees
    dregs, sediment of wine
  71. Jocularity
    playful; characterized by jesting
  72. Effervescence
    bubbling, hissing; to show liveliness
  73. Necromancy
    magic, sorcery, conjuration of spirits of dead for purposes of magic
  74. Pathos
    evoking a feeling of pity or compassion
  75. Stigma
    stain; marks of disgrace
  76. Nugatory
    of little or no consequence
  77. Sable
    color black, mourning garments
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