cl Part 5

  1. Trial
    fact finding hearing
  2. Criminal Trial
    fact finding hearing conducted under the rules of criminal procedure
  3. Criminal procedure
    • Rules of game
    • What is the evidence
    • Who has burden of proof (State)
    • # of people on jury
  4. Jury Selection- (Vior Dire –Hear Speak)
    • Most criminal 6 or 12
    • Questions to see if partial bc don’t want bias
    • Challenges (try to get person off jury)
  5. Jury Challenges
    • 1. Challenge to cause
    • a. obviously bias
    • 2. Peremptory challenge
    • a. Limited number
    • b. Used by lawyers to knock off person who has a hidden bias
    • i. Something similar occurred to this person
    • ii. Scared of defendant
  6. Batson vs Kentucky
    **cant exclude jurors based solely on race, gender
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