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  1. High - Intensity Ultraviolet light is generated during ____ and _____ welding.
    Stick and Mig welding
  2. Most drill bits are made to cut when.
    Rotated to the right when looking from the top.
  3. A motor with a _____prefix for its quality rating would be suited for a diesel engine.
  4. The Oil Pump is responsible for?
    pumping the oil through the engine oil galleries
  5. A DOHCV-8 engine would have a total of _______ camshafts.
  6. Carpenter would clean up large holes in wood using a ?
    Round Rasp
  7. Cutting torches use a mixture of ____ and ____ to produce a high temperature flame.
    Oxygen and Acetylene
  8. All cars are currently being built with _____ and _____ electrical systems.
    Direct current and Negative Groung
  9. As lead - acid batteries discharge, their electrolyte gradually turns to?
  10. The camshaft turns at _____ the speed of the engines crank shaft.
  11. The outside micrometer is made to measure the ________and _____?
    thickness of flat objects and outside diameter of cylindrically shaped objects
  12. The most common type of pliers are the
    combination split-joint
  13. A carpenter would use a ______with a miter box.
    Back Saw
  14. Engine temperature is controlled by the
  15. The four-stroke cycle begins with the
    intake stroke
  16. Three elements needed to initiate combustion are?
    Air, Fuel, and Ignition source
  17. A four- cylinder engines firing order always starts with cylinder number?
  18. _______cylinders will fire in one revolution of a six-cylinder engine.
  19. Most solders are an alloy of_____ and _____.
    Copper and Lead
  20. Lead- Acid battery has lead plates immersed in electrolyte composed of _____ and water
    hydrochloric acid
  21. The Starter motors drive gear engages with the engines?
    Timing Chain
  22. Sockets come in both ____ and ____ point designs.
    6 and 12
  23. The stoichiometric, or ideal air-fuel ratio is?
    14.7 : 1
  24. With disk brakes, the _____rotates with the vehicles wheels.
    Brake Rotar
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