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  1. Cypselus
    1st tyrant of Corinth
  2. Thales
    philosopher that said world came from water
  3. Anaximander
    philosopher- opposites created the world
  4. Democritus
    philosopher- believed in atoms
  5. Lycurgas
    Spartan law maker who got rid of coins, made all men equal, and shaped early Sparta
  6. Areopagus
    Council like the supreme court
  7. Solon
    Got rid of all debts, made Athens an oligarchy
  8. Peisistratos
    Tyrant who took over by dressing up  a woman as Athena
  9. Hippius
    Peisistratos' son who was ruthless
  10. Cleisthenes
    Got rid of Hippius, created democracy
  11. Darius
    Great King of Persia who was there for the first attack on Greece
  12. Themistocles
    Radical Greek Democrat
  13. Delian League
    All the city states that Athens was controlling and demanded money from
  14. Spartan Hegemony
    Sparta was top dog but had no idea what to do
  15. Kore
    Female Statue
  16. Kouros
    statue of a man
  17. Cyrus
    King of Persia by blood
  18. Neo- Babtlonia
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