Ther Ex -ch10

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  1. Strain
    disruption of the musculotendinous unit
  2. sprain
    disruption of ligamentous tissue
  3. dislocation
    • displacement resulting in loss of anatomical relationship
    • requires external force
  4. muscle/tendon rupture
    • partial tear-pain c contraction&stretch
    • complete tear- no pain c contraction&stretch
  5. tendinopathy
    chronic tendon pathology
  6. tenosynovitis
    inflammation of the synovial membrane covering tendon
  7. tendinitis
    inflammation of tendon
  8. synovitis
    • inflammation of synovial membrane
    • excess synovial fluid
  9. hemarthrosis
    bleeding in the joint
  10. ganglion
    ballooning of wall of joint or tendon sheath
  11. contusion
    bruising from a direct blow or capillary rupture
  12. contracture
    shortening of skin, fascia, muscle, joint capsule decreasing mobility of structure
  13. adhesion
    abnormal adherence of collagen to surrounding structures
  14. reflex muscle guarding
    muscle contraction in response to painful stimuli, functional splinting
  15. intrinsic muscle spasm
    prolonged contraction in response to circulatory and metabolic changes
  16. severity of tissue injuries  (3)
    • 1st degree-mild pain @ time of injury
    • 2nd degree-moderate pain¬†
    • 3rd degree- severe pain @ time of injury but after time no pain
  17. stages of tissue healing (3)
    • inflammation
    • proliferation
    • maturation
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