Quizzing: Romans 11

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  1. From what tribe is Paul?
    The tribe of Benjamin.
  2. Who is a descendent of Abraham?
  3. Who appealed to God against Israel?
  4. Against whom did Elijah appeal to God?
  5. Who are trying to kill Elijah?
  6. What has Israel torn down?
    God's alters.
  7. To whom have seven thousand not bowed the knee?
  8. To whom was God's answer, "I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal?"
  9. By what is there a remnant chosen at the present time?
  10. What if the remnant were based on works?
    Grace would no longer be grace.
  11. What did the people of Israel not obtain?
    What they sought so earnestly.
  12. Who gave them ears that could not hear?
  13. Who gave them a spirit of stupor?
  14. Who says, "May their table become a snare and a trap, a stumbling block and a retribution for them?"
  15. What may their table become?
    A snare and a trap, a stumbling block and a retribution for them.
  16. What may their backs be?
    Bent forever.
  17. How did Israel not stumble?
    So as to fall beyond recovery.
  18. What if Israel's transgression means riches for the world?
    How much greater riches will their full inclusion bring.
  19. What will Israel's full inclusion bring?
    Greater riches.
  20. In what hope does Paul take pride in his ministry?
    The hope that he may somehow arouse his own people to envy and save some of them.
  21. Who is the apostle to the Gentiles?
  22. In what does Paul take pride?
    His ministry.
  23. Who may somehow arouse his own people to envy?
  24. Whom may Paul save?
    Some of his own people.
  25. Whom may Paul somehow arouse to envy?
    His own people.
  26. What if their rejection brought reconciliation to the world?
    What will their acceptance be but life for the dead?
  27. What is the whole batch is the part of the dough offered as firstfruits is holy?
  28. When is the whole batch holy?
    If the part of the dough offered as firstfruits is holy.
  29. Who have been grafted in among the other braches?
    You(through a wild olive shoot.)
  30. From what is the nurishing sap?
    The ovile root.
  31. When should you not consider youself to be superior to those other branches?
    If some of the branches have been broken off and you have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root.
  32. Whom does the root support?
    Who supports you?
    • You.
    • The root.
  33. What were broken off?
  34. By what do you stand?
  35. How do you stand?
    By faith.
  36. Who did not spare the natural branches?
  37. What branches did God not spare?
    The natural ones.
  38. In whose kindness should you continue?
  39. When will they be grafted in?
    If they do not persist in unbelief.
  40. What is wild by natural?
    The olive tree you were cut out of.
  41. Contray to what were you grafted into a cultivated olive tree?
  42. Into what were you grafted contray to nature?
    A cultivated olive tree.
  43. Who does not want you to be ignorant of this mystery?
  44. Until when has Israel experienced a hardening in part?
    Until the full number if the Gentiles has come in.
  45. Who will come from Zion?
    The deliverer.
  46. When is this my covenant with them?
    When I take away their sins.
  47. For what are they enemies as far as the gospel is concerned?
    Your sake.
  48. What are they as far as the gospel is concerned?
    Enemies for your sake.
  49. What are God's gifts and his call?
  50. What is God's call?
  51. How have they now to become disobedient?
    Just as you who were at one time disobedient to God have now recieved mercy as a result of their disobedience.
  52. To whom were you disobedient at one time?
  53. Why have they too now become disobedient?
    In order that they too may now recieve mercy as a result of God's mercy to you.
  54. What may they too now recieve as a result of God's mercy to you?
  55. Why has God bound everyone over to disobedience?
    So that he may have mercy on them all.
  56. Who may have mercy on them all?
  57. What are God's judgements?
  58. Whose paths are beyond tracing out?
  59. When be the glory to God?
  60. For whom are all things?
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