film ch 4

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  1. Shot/reverse angle cutting is most commonly used in
    dialogue sequences
  2. Which is not a convention of classical cutting
    a. matching action
    b. the 180 degree rule
    c. eyeline match
    d. jump-cut
  3. The editing style characteristic of most modern fiction films is
    classical cutting
  4. In North by Northwest, Cary Grant plays the role of
    Roger Thornhill
  5. Violating the 180 degree rule in a shot will cause the audience
    to feel confused or disoriented
  6. The point in a shot at which the audience has been able to assimulate most of its information is called
    the content curve
  7. The editing style used primarily to condense the time and space of an action while keeping the action logical and continuous is
    cutting to continuity
  8. The most celebrated instance of editing virtuousity in silent films is
    the Odessa Steps sequence in Potemkin
  9. Which film editing style was the first to be used?
    cutting to continuity
  10. The editing style pioneered by D.W. Griffith is
    classical cutting
  11. Cutting to continuity preserves the fluidity of an event without literally showing all of it. T or F
  12. Editing gives a director a greater degree of control over his audience's actions. T or F
  13. A sequencing shot is an editing transition that's confusing in terms of time and space. T or F
  14. In the evolution of film, many technical innovations, such as sound and color pused film closer to a realistic ideal. T or F
  15. Cross-cutting alternates between shots of scenes, suggesting the action is taking place at the same time. T or F
  16. Deep-focus photography offers realist directors an alternative to editing in some scenes. T or F
  17. Alfred Hitchcock is widely regarded by film critics and scholars as a great director but a clumsy editor. T or F
  18. Classical cutting involves editing for dramatic emphasis, to highlight details that might otherwise be overlooked. T or F
  19. The most manipulative editing style is the sequence shot. T or F
  20. Soviet filmmakers were strongly influenced by Pavlov's theories concerning the association of ideas. T or F
  21. What is a thematic montage and how does it convey meaning?
    It is a set of images that convey an idea that the audience will feel emotion by association of the image or images.
  22. What would early theorists (Russian formalists and French Realists) of film disagree about?
    They would disagree on the necessity of editing and control filmmakers have in films to either force a point of view onto the audience or leave room for interpretation.
  23. realism - classicism - formalism

    1. sequence shots
    2. abstract cutting
    3. cutting to continuity
    4. thematic montage
    5. classical cutting
    • 1 realism
    • 2 formalism
    • 3 classicism
    • 4 fomalism
    • 5 classicism
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