Film midterm

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  1. In literature, the naive separation of form and content is called...
    a. adaptation
    b. Narrative fragmentation
    c. The heresy of paraphrase
    d. Authorial intrusion
  2. Which device tends to heighten the importance of a subject?
    a. Low-angle shot
    B. Bird's eye
    c. Cool colors
    d. Subsidiary contrast
  3. Expressionists are often concerned with...
    a. Spiritual and psychological truths
    b. Objective truths
    c. Story more than style
    d. The basic, common experiences of life
  4. classical cinema
    a. Employs loosely organized plots
    b. subordinates plot and characters to social themes
    c. avoids the extremes of realism and formalism
    d. sacrifices entertainment value to explore moral issues
  5. a cinematic shot is defined by
    a. the amount of subject matter included within the frame
    b. the narative function of the shot
    c. the duration of film exposure in a given scene
    d. the gauge of film stock used to photograph the image
  6. The three principal film styles include all except...
    a. realism
    b. naturalism
    c. formalism
    d. classical
  7. A realist director places a high premium on...
    a. complexity, sophistication, style
    b. technique, form, image
    c. simplicity, spontanety, directness
    d. beauty, truth, closed form
  8. Oblique angle shots tend to suggest...
    a. tension, transition, impending movement
    b. security, domination
    c. tediousness, insignificance
    d. power, stability, fate
  9. Even illumination and few cinspicuous shadows characterizes...
    a. low key
    b. high key
    c. high contrast
    d. multiple key
  10. Double exposures and other special effects are achieved with...
    a. an optical printer
    b. mirrors
    c. filters
    d. a lighting key
  11. Most films are either exclusively formalist or realist in style. True or False
  12. Formalists are often referred to as "expressionists." Ture or False
  13. In general, shots are determined on the basis of how much of the human figure is in view. True or False
  14. Film noir is a style defined primarily in terms of light, or lack of it. True or False
  15. Realists tend to employ extreme angles and high contrast lighting in their photography. True or False
  16. High-angle shots are the most effective for conveying a sense of speed. True or False
  17. For interior shots, realists tend to prefer images with an obvious light source - a window, or a lamp, for example. True or False
  18. Formalists often stress the symbolic implications of light by deliberately distorting the natural light patterns. True or False
  19. Slow film stocks are highly sensitive to light and tend to produce harsh light-dark contrasts and grainy images. True or False
  20. Filters are more likely to be used by realists directors than by formalist directors. True or False
  21. Explain the effects of cool colors versus warm colors in movies.
    cool - green, blue, violet - tranquil, serene

    warm - red, yellow, orange - aggression, tension
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