1. Overseas sector
    other contries which buy NZ exports and supply NZ imports
  2. Exchange rate
    NZ $ in terms of other contries
  3. inflationary expetations
    expecting a rise in the genral price level
  4. business confidence
    measures of how willing a business are to invest + there views on future sales + profits
  5. Economic growth
    a long term expansion of a countrys prouduction potential
  6. How is eco growth measured
    • GDP
    • Production capctiy
    • Net soacil welfare
  7. What is GDP
    the real value of all finished G+s in one year
  8. what doesn't GDP show
    • what is acutally being proudced
    • how equally the income is distruited
    • the impact on the enviorment
    • what is underclarged or illegal
  9. what dosent Productive Capacity show
    • what is actually being produced
    • standard of living
  10. what does net socail welfare look at
  11. Real flows
    flows of g+s . you can see and touch them
  12. money flows
    • only involves money 
    • e.g incomes, saving
  13. injection
    money going into the circular flow of income govt spending exports
  14. invesments
    increase in the econmic activity from the fincal sector into circular flow
  15. transferes
    they come from Govt to help stimulate eco growth
  16. what decrease eco growth
    • savings
    • taxation
    • imports
  17. what increase eco growth
    • investment 
    • govt spending
    • exports
  18. AS will increase when there is
    • decrease in raw materials
    • rise in prouduvity
    • decrase in nominal wages
    • decrase in price of oil
    • rise in exchange rate
  19. AD will increase when
    • increase in investments
    • increase in consumption
    • increase in Govt. spending
    • decrease in exchange rate
    • decrease in NZ$
  20. what are the benefits of eco growth
    • increase production
    • increased investment
    • higher incomes
    • increased savings
    • higher tax revenue for govt
  21. negitive effects of eco growth
    • rersouse depletion
    • increase polutiion
    • higher cost of compliance
    • higher stress level
    • traffic congetstion
    • over crowed in tourist areas
    • uneven impact
    • inflation
  22. postive impact on eco growth on households
    • more jobs
    • higher incomes
    • better range of g+s
    • new technolgy
  23. negtive impact on eco growth on householdes
    • increased pollution 
    • traffic congestion
    • higher stress
    • income inequality
  24. eco growth negitvly on bussiness
    • higher cost of implying with regulations
    • higher cost of resources
    • shortage of resourse
  25. eco growth postive business
    • increased demand for g+s 
    • increase sales + profits
    • more invesment
    • more spending on R&D
  26. eco growth on goverment postive
    • higher tax revenue
    • more spending on public goods
    • lower public debt
  27. eco growth on government negitive
    increased spending on regulations and monitoring resource use
  28. eco growth on enviroment postive
    • greater awerness of envromental issues
    • substainable resourse use
    • greater reycling
  29. eco growth on environment negitve
    • resouse depletion 
    • destruction of natural habits
    • increased pollution
    • more exploration for re souses
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