Lab Animal Final

  1. What is the formula to determine the maximum amount of blood allowed per animal per 2-3 weeks?
    (wt in grams) x 0.01(1%)= (amount)mL
  2. What is the formula to convert temp from C to F?
    (temp in C)x9/5+32= (temp in F)
  3. What is the formula to convert temp from F to C?
    (temp in F -32)x5/9=(temp in C)
  4. What is the perferred temp for most lab rodents?
    21 C
  5. What is the perferred ratio of light:dark for most lab animals?
  6. When do altricial rodents usually grow hair? Open eyes?
    hair= 1 week; eye= 2 weeks
  7. What is the main function of brown fat tissue?
    To store Glycogen
  8. Main component recovered by coprophagy is
    B vitamin complex
  9. What does coprophagy mean?
    Poop eating
  10. Taxonomically what does the term Rodentia refer to? (family, order, class, species, genus)
  11. What is the minimum number of brother/sister mating necessary to be called an inbred strain?
  12. Strains and stocks; Which is inbred and which is outbred?
    strains= inbred; stocks= outbred
  13. What organizationcertifies laboratory technicians and has researchers and technicians as members?
  14. Teratology is the study of___
    abnormal fetal development
  15. The 1985 amendment to the Animal Welfare Act provided excercise standards for what species?
  16. HEPA is a type of what?
  17. What is the term for an animal that is susceptible to certain diseases and placed in a room with other animals as a means of disease detection?
  18. What is the recommendation for ventilation rate for laboratory animals?
    10-15/ hour
  19. Which organization's major focus is voluntary accreditation of laboratory animal facilities?
    American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
  20. What is the best type of caging for a pregnant/ near pregnant rodent?
  21. What does IACUC stand for and who are 3 members?
    Instatutional Animal Care and Use Committee; Veterinarian, scientist, and non-scientist
  22. What does AALAS stand for?
    Association of Assistant Laboratory Animal Science
  23. Who wrote the guideline for euthanasia?
  24. What are the 3 R's of research?
    Reduce, Refine, and Replace
  25. What organization educates and certifies animal care technicians?
  26. What are some jobs of IACUC?
    inspect animal facilities and care programs, serve as information resourse for animal weolfare concerns, and review animal research proposals
  27. What book includes guiedlines for laboratory animals including rodents?
    The guild fpr the care and use of laboratory animals
  28. T or F: The animal Welfare act is a law
  29. What are young mice called?
  30. What does the tem hypsodontic refer to?
    Teeth that are constantally growing
  31. What defect do we expect in a nude mouse?
    A poor immune system
  32. When moving a mouse or rat from one cage to another, what is the best method of restrain besides scruffing?
    Grab and hold by the BASE of the tail
  33. What is the best way to determine sex in rodents?
    compair the anogenital distance between several at a time
  34. What are the 3 phlebotomy site that can be used in rodents but NEVER while awake?
    Cardiac, retro-orbital, or cranial vena cava
  35. What is the difference between a knockout and a transgenic?
    A KO has an inactivated gene and a TG has an additional gene
  36. How does the USDA enforce and track the Animal Walfare Act?
    Conduct Unannounced Inspections
  37. What is the term in the 3 R's for designing an experiment so that stress and pain to the animal is minimized?
  38. Why are animals used to study humane disease?
    The biomedical process in animal models can be very similar to humans
  39. What is the metric unit of measure for liquid?
    Liter (L)
  40. what are the 3 basic components of a cell?
    membrane, nucleus, and cytoplasm
  41. What type of animal may have digrstive problems because of the lack of bacteria in the intestinal tract?
  42. What cause the reddish-brown staining of the fur on an albino rat?
    porphoryin from the tears and saliva
  43. What is a good indication of a healthy newborn rodent?
    a milk spot
  44. How often can a female mouse or rat go in to estrus?
    Every 4-5 days
  45. What is postpartum estrus?
    When a female goes back into estrus within 24 hours of parturition
  46. What technique is used to study in vivo vasculature in hamsters?
    The cheek pouch is inverted and examined under a microscope
  47. How does the hamster stomach differ from the other rodents?
    It is divided into 2 compartments
  48. What is the hamster flank organ also referred to as?
    The scent gland
  49. How does hamster urine differ from that of rats and mice?
    It is thick and milky
  50. What is unique about gerbil mating amoung rodents?
    The generally mate with the same animal throughout life
  51. What type of activity pattern do gerbils exhibit?
  52. What is the ventral marking gland used for?
    Marking territory
  53. What is done during hand mating of hamsters?
    The female is removed after mating
  54. Why do gerils consume very little water?
    They are adapted for life in the desert
  55. Why would a room a gerbils suddenly freeze after a loud noise?
    They are trying not to be seen because they sense danger
  56. What color is the agouti mouse?
    Brown with yellow bands
  57. When would you expect to see ringtail in rats?
    When the room is too dry (humidity too low)
  58. Wet tail most commonly a disease of which rodent?
  59. Genes, chromosomes, and DNA; What forms what that forms what?
    DNA forms genes that form chromosomes
  60. What is the breeding scheme for producing animals with minimal variations?
  61. What is the definition of conventional?
    No special precautions are taken to prevent the introduction of disease into the colony
  62. What species commonly requires a room temperature lower than most?
  63. What is the recommonded relative humidity for an animal room?
  64. How would you know a room was under positive air pressure?
    Air flows out into the hallway when the door is opened
  65. What is the descriptive term for guinea pigs and not other rodents at birth?
  66. What is an essentail nutrient for Guinea pigs?
    Vit C
  67. Guinea Pigs should NOT be breed after _____ old!
    7 months
  68. What is a room called that is intended to separate incoming animals from the existing colony?
  69. The primary encloser refers to the animal's___.
  70. What is a gnotobotic animal?
    An animal with defined flora
  71. What government agency in responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act?
  72. Surgery rooms and rodent room are both held under what type of air pressure?
  73. What rodent is most common used for KO and TG?
  74. Which rodents can be picked up by the base of the tail?
    Rats and Mice
  75. What rodent has a cheek pouch?
  76. What rodent is known to have seizures?
  77. What rodent does not have a postpatum estrus?
  78. What rodent has a ventral marking gland?
  79. What rodent has a flank gland?
  80. What rodent does not have a gallbladder?
  81. What rodent has a scientific name Rattus norvegicus?
  82. What rodent stomps when they think there is danger or during sexual activity?
  83. What rodent has babies that become haired and open eye by day 7?
  84. What rodent is most susceptible to Tyzzer's Disease?
  85. What rodents may carry lymphocytic choriomenigitis?
  86. What is the gestation period for a Guinea Pig?
    60-65 days
  87. What is the gestation period for the mouse?
    19-21 days
  88. What is the gestation period for the rabbit?
    29-35 days
  89. what is the gestation period for the rat?
    21-23 days
  90. What is the gestation period of a hamster?
    15-18 days
  91. What is the gestation period of the Gerbil?
    24-26 days
  92. Why is rabbit cageing pretreated with an acid solution prior to washing?
    To remove urine scale left from minerials in rabbit urine
  93. What are the terms for a male and female rabbit?
    Buck and Doe
  94. What is Kindling?
    Parturition in rabbits
  95. Which BSL level is most hazardous?
  96. Which type of cage wash equipment has a conveyor belt and operates like a car wash?
    A tunnel washer
  97. At what sound level is the use of hearing protection recommended
    85 decibels
  98. What is the proper minimum temperature for rinse water?
    180 degrees
  99. What is the definition of disinfection?
    Reduction of the number of pathogenic microorganisms on an object to harmless levels
  100. What is the minimum recommended time and temperature for autoclaving?
    15 minutes at 250 degrees F
  101. What is the definition od sterilization?
    Destruction of all organisms on an object
  102. What is the definition of sanitation?
    Reduction of the number of microorganisms on an object to an acceptable public health standard
  103. What type of injection is commonly used for tuberculin testing and allergy testing?
  104. Which controlled substance is the most addictive?
    schedule I
  105. What does it mean if a diet is certified?
    It does not contain comtaminants above a certain level
  106. To which canine disease are ferrets susceptible?
  107. The armadillo is one of the few animal models of which human disease?
  108. A zoonotic disease of sheep
  109. The crop of a bird is a part of what organ?
    The esophagus
  110. Which is a common cause of gastric ulcers in ferrets?
    Helicobacter mustelae
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