CSCI 120 Test 2 Review

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  1. Abstraction
    Thinking about an overall task instead of all the small actions that are needed to complete the task
  2. Argument
    Something that is passed in to a function
  3. calling a method
    requesting a coordinated sequence of instructions to be carried out
  4. class
    Defines a particular kind of object
  5. inheritance
    New class obtaining old methods from the old class
  6. instance
  7. instantiate
    An object is created and displayed
  8. method
    Coordinated sequence of instructions that will be carried out when requested
  9. object
  10. parameter
    Values or properties that are used to communicate with a method
  11. stepwise refinement
    Process of breaking a problem down into large tasks and then breaking each task down into simpler steps
  12. control of flow
    the order in which the individual instructions of an imperative or a declarative program are executed or evaluated
  13. event
    An execution of code in response to an input
  14. event handling method
    A responding method that is linked to an event
  15. incremental development
    The process of writing a method and consequently testing it
  16. interactive
    The ability to interact with objects
  17. boolean expression
  18. conditional expression
  19. function
    A question about certain objects in the world that returns values
  20. if/else statement
    A conditional execution control statement that uses a condition for making a decision
  21. logical operator
    or and
  22. random number
  23. relational operator
    ==, !=
  24. return statement
    The value or property that function returns
  25. count
    Describe he number of times a loop repeats
  26. definite loop
    know exactly how many times a block of instructions should be repeated
  27. indefinite loop
    not know exactly how many times a block of instructions should be repeated
  28. infinite loop
  29. nested loop
    A loop within a loop
  30. while
    a conditional loop statement
  31. begin-during-end event
    A set of events that are executed once a particular condition is met. One is executed once when the condition is true, another is executed continuously while the condition is true, and the last is executed once the condition becomes false.
  32. when something is true event
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