Ther-Ex Chapter 13

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  1. What are the three layers of nerve
    • Epineurium
    • Perineurium
    • Endoneurium
  2. What are the mechanism for injury to the nerve structure
    • compression
    • laceration
    • stretch
    • radiation
    • electricity
  3. What are the 3 categories of injury to the nerve
    • Neuropraxia
    • Axonotmesis
    • Neurotmesis
  4. Define neuropraxia
    segmental demyelination of the nerve, signal is slow or blocked at site of compression or traction and its temporary
  5. Define axonotmesis
    loss of axonal continuity the connective tissue is still intact, results from prolonged compression or stretch recovery may be incomplete. May have muscle atrophy and sensory loss
  6. Define neurotmesis
    complete severance of nerve and connective tissue, resulting from a stabbing, avulsion or rupture. may not recover and may require surgery. Can suffer frommuscle atrophy and sensory loss
  7. What are the 3 phases of management of a nerve injury
    • acute
    • recovery
    • chronic
  8. What is done during the acute phase of nerve injury management
    • ROM to minimize adhesions ( limited to specific ranges per protocol)
    • Splint to protect tissue
    • Patient education
  9. What is done during the recovery phase of nerve injury management
    • motor retraining
    • desensitization
    • discriminative sensory re-education
    • patient education
  10. What is done during chronic pahse of nerve injury management
    emphasize training and compensatory function if plateau has been reached
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