1. When was the Baroque Period?
    1600 - 1750
  2. The most famous composer of the Baroque Period was
    Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. Making up the music you play is called
  4. Improvisation was common and even used in
  5. Baroque composers also began to write what into their music
    dynamic and tempo markers
  6. Employment of a composer by a church or wealthy person was known as
    The patron-age system
  7. A script from an opera is called a
  8. The Baroque Period saw the birth of a new form of vocal music called
  9. Opera combines
    music, acting, scenery, costumes, and props.
  10. The Baroque Period saw a rise in music for
    Flute, oboe, bassoon, trombone, valveless trumpets and horns, harpsichord, and organ.
  11. Important Baroque composers of instrumental music were
    Antonio Vivaldi, Jahann Pachelbel, George Frideric Handel, and Johann Sebastian Bach.
  12. A piece for a group of solo instruments and orchestra is called a
    Concerto grosso
  13. A famous Monteverdi opera was called
  14. Claudio Monteverdi was
    1567 - 1643
  15. Antonio Vivaldi was
    1678 - 1741
  16. Johann Sebastian Bach
    1685 - 1750
  17. Bach composed
    the Brandenburg Concertos, the Goldberg Variations, and Two - Part Inventions
  18. What job was Handel
    an opera composer and an organ maker
  19. Bach came from
    a musical family
  20. Handel composed
    Water Music
  21. Handel was
    an organ maker
  22. Both Handel and Bach were born in
  23. Handel was a citizen to what country?
  24. Both Handel and Bach were what job
    An organist
  25. What is a cantata?
    A long vocal work, often with soloists, choir, and orchestra.
  26. Handel was what kind of figure?
    A public figure
  27. Henry Purcell was from
  28. Purcell served the king as organist, organ maker, and composer at
    Westminster Abbey in London
  29. Purcell was best known opera is
    Dido and Aeneas
  30. The two most influential composers of the Baroque Period were
    George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach
  31. Handel and Bach have 2 things in common, what are they?
    They were both born in the year 1685 and in Germany
  32. Classical music was
    Simple, balanced, and non - emotional
  33. When was Christoph Gluck
    1714 - 1787
  34. Christoph Gluck is considered what between the Baroque and Classical Periods?
    a bridge
  35. Gluck is known as the
    father of modern opera
  36. Christoph Gluck's most popular opera is
    Orpheus and Eurydice
  37. When was Franz Joseph Haydn?
    1732 - 1809
  38. Franz Joseph Haydn is best known as
    The father of the modern symphony
  39. How many symphonies did Franz Joseph Haydn write
  40. Where was Franz Joseph Haydn born?
  41. Who did Franz Joseph Haydn work for?
    Prince Esterhazy, a Hungarian nobleman
  42. For how long was Haydn the musician-in-charge for Prince Esterhazy?
    24 years
  43. When was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
    1756 - 1791
  44. Mozart is know as the
    most natural musical genius in history
  45. How long did Mozart live?
    35 years
  46. Where was Mozart born?
    In Salzburg, Austria
  47. Mozart composed the tune called
    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  48. As an adult Mozart moved to
  49. When was Ludwig van Beethoven ?
    1770 - 1827
  50. Mozart spent his life perfecting the
    Classical sonata, symphony, and concerto
  51. Beethoven was what kind of a composer?
    A transition composer
  52. After Beethoven was 11, did he go to school?
  53. What was Beethoven's personality?
    Proud, passionate, and independent
  54. At the age of 22, where did Beethoven move?
    To Vienna
  55. Beethoven produced
    Two symphonies, three piano concertos, six string quartets, and many piano sonatas including No. 8 (Pathetique) and No. 14 (Moonlight)
  56. Beethoven became one of the what of Romantic styles?
    One of the forerunners of Romantic styles
  57. When was Franz Schubert?
    1797 - 1828
  58. Franz Schubert is another composer whose music is often seen in bridging what Periods?
    The Classical and Romantic Periods
  59. Franz Schubert was born in
  60. How old was Schubert when he began composing full time?
  61. A song (voice with piano accompaniment) is called what?
    A lieder
  62. Schubert composed how many lieders?
    Over 600
  63. Where would Schubert write his melodies?
    Tablecloths, napkins, or his cuffs
  64. How did Schubert spend his free time?
    With friends, playing music, singing, dancing, and telling jokes.
  65. What is Schubert's Symphony No. 8 called?
    The Unfinished Symphony
  66. How was Haydn's musical life unique and probably helped him?
    It was very isolate and he hardly ever heard music of other composers.
  67. When did Haydn retire from his position with Esterhazy?
  68. What did Haydn become after retiring?
    A freelance musician
  69. What was Haydn's nickname?
    Papa Haydn
  70. What did Haydn do when he was a freelance musician?
    Give two important concert tours in England, wrote 12 of his best symphonies for these occasions, and six masses between 1796 and 1802
  71. What was Haydn's two famous oratorios?
    The Creation and The Seasons
  72. Mozart was said to be
  73. Mozarts last three symphonies, Nos. 39, 40, 41 were all composed in
    a six-week time span
  74. Mozart composed landmark
    symphonies, sonatas, concertos, and chamber music
  75. What was Mozart's true love?
  76. What was Mozart's two most famous operas
    Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute
  77. Beethoven had what disability?
    He slowly became deaf
  78. What symphony by Beethoven begins with perhaps the most famous four notes in all of music?
    Symphony No. 5
  79. What was Beethoven's last symphony?
    No. 9
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