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  1. Prefabricate
    To construct in advance
  2. Prerequisite
    Required as a prior condition to something
  3. Predestination
    Ones destiny has already been determined
  4. Preface
    The introductory remarks of an author or speaker
  5. Precocious
    Exceptionally early in development, mature
  6. Predecessor
    A person who has previously occupied a position or office to which another has succeeded
  7. pro-
    Forth, in feinting, instead of
  8. Propeller
    Radiating blades mounted on a revolving power driven shaft
  9. Prominent
    Standing out or projecting beyond a surface, protuberant, conspicuous, popularly known
  10. Pronoun
    Word used instead of a noun
  11. Prologue
    The preface or reduction to a literary work; introductory or preceding event
  12. Projectile
    Anything designed to be thrown, having no capacity for self-propulsion
  13. Prolix
    Drawn out; wordy
  14. Prolific
    Producing in abundance; productivity
  15. quasi-
    Largely, almost,seemingly
  16. quasi
    having a likeness to something; resembling
  17. quasi-
    prefix meaning in some sense or degree
  18. quasi-historical events
    alleged events for which there is some historical evidence but not enough to prove their occurrence.
  19. quasi-judicial board
    government boards which are not courts but which subpoena witness, hold hearings, and perform other judicial functions.
  20. re-
    again, back
  21. reconstruct
    to construct something again
  22. refrain
    to hold oneself back; a phrase or verse repeated at intervals
  23. renovate
    to restore to an earlier condition; repairing; revive
  24. resilient
    capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture; elastic
  25. rejuvenate
    to restore to the youthful vigor or appearance of
  26. regurgitate
    to cause to pour back; vomit
  27. reiterate
    to say over again
  28. retro-
    backward, behind
  29. retrorockets
    the rockets used to slow down a space vehicle
  30. retrogression
    return to a former and less complex level of development or organization
  31. retroactive
    influencing or applying to a period prior to enactment
  32. retrospect
    a review, survey, or contemplation of things in the past
  33. se-
    away from
  34. secede
    to withdraw formally from membership in an organization, association, or alliance
  35. secretive
    concealing thoughts and plans; tending to secrecy
  36. seclusion
    the act of being removed or apart from others
  37. seclude
    to remove or set apart
  38. seduce
    to lead a person away from duty or proper conduct; to corrupt
  39. semi-
    half, partly
  40. semicircle
    half circle
  41. semiskilled
    partly skilled
  42. semifianls
    competitions immediately preceding the finals
  43. semiprecious
    of less value that a precious stone
  44. semiannual
    every half year
  45. super-
    above, beyond
  46. superhighway
    a highway for high-speed; the internet
  47. supernatural
    existence outside the natural world that cannot be attributed to natural causes
  48. superstructure
    a structure built on top of something else; above the foundation
  49. superlative
    surpassing all others; excellent; excessive
  50. supervisor
    a person who supervises or is in charge of others
  51. superintendent
    a person who has the authority to supervise or direct
  52. superscription
    something written or engraved on the surface of, outside, or above something else
  53. supercilious
    haughty, patronizing; arrogant; proud
  54. trans-
    across, through, beyond
  55. transatlantic
    on the other side of the Atlantic
  56. transcontinental
    spanning or crossing a continent
  57. transparent
    obvious; candid; easily understood
  58. transfusion
    removal of blood from one person the another; or another solution into the bloodstream
  59. transgression
    the violation of law, command, or duty; sin
  60. transitory
    existing only briefly; short-lived
  61. ultra-
    exceedingly, beyond
  62. ultramodern
    extremely modern in ideas or style
  63. ultranationalistic
    extremely nationalistic; exceedingly devoted to the interests or culture of a particular nation
  64. ultraviolet
    invisible rays beyond the violet end of the spectrum
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