Micro Lab Test 2

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  1. what does the snyder test do?
    it favors the growth of oral bacteria and discourages the test of other bacteria
  2. how does the snyder test accomplish oral bacterial growth?
    by lowering the Ph median to 4.8
  3. what is added to the snyder test to indicate Ph?
    bromcresol green is added to indicate Ph
  4. what color does the snyder test turn into when the Ph is lowered?
  5. what does development of yellow color medium mean in the snyder test?
    it suggest the presence of dental decay-causing bacteria
  6. what does yellow at 24hrs snyder test mean?
    highly susceptibility for dental carries
  7. what does yellow at 48hrs snyder test mean?
    moderate susceptibility to dental caries
  8. what does yellow at 72hrs snyder test mean?
    slight susceptibility to dental caries
  9. what does yellow after 72hrs snyder test mean?
    negative for susceptibility for dental caries
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