EXAM 2 Experiments

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  1. Image Upload 1What did Hershey and Chase do?

    Hershey andChase did an experiment where they infected E.coliwith a virus (bacteriophage) in order to determine the molecule of inheritance(genetic material).

    They designed an experiment to see what virus cells passed to the host when they infected them.

    They found that DNA was passed inside the cell and passed on to progeny
  2. What did Watson and Crick do?
    They determined that the 3D shape of DNA is a double helix.
  3. What did Rosalind Franklin do?
    She x-rayed DNA fragments that were Watson and Crick used to interpret it as a double helix.
  4. What is the Messelson-Stahl experiment?
    • They tested 3 models for DNA:
    • 1. conservative: parental strand remains the same and the new strand has completely new DNA
    • 2. Semi-conservative: Each helix has onw new strand and one old strand
    • 3. Disperse: Each strand is a mixture of new and old DNA.

    Semi-conservative theory was proved correct after several generations of testing
  5. Image Upload 2What did Griffith do?
    • His experiment  was the transformation of Streptococcus.
    • He determined that dead S bacteria contained a substance that transformed R bacteria into pathogenic S strain!
  6. Image Upload 3What did Avery, Mcarty, and Macloed do?
    They determined that DNA is the transforming factor (and  not RNA or protein).
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