1. Walnut St.
    Kildaire to Tryon/Holly Springs Rd.
  2. Hubbard Ln
    Walnut to DE
  3. Ivy Ln
    Walnut to a DE past Champion
  4. Lane Dr
    Ivy to Sturdivant
  5. Lyerly Ln
    Askham to a DE past Ivy
  6. Askham Dr
    Lane to Sturdivant and Manchester
  7. Sturdivant Dr
    Walnut to Manchester
  8. Oxford Pl
    Sturdivant to DE
  9. Scott Pl
    Sturdivant to a DE
  10. Bert Ct
    Sturdivant to a DE
  11. Manchester Dr
    Sturdivant to Askham
  12. Yourkshire Dr
    Sturdivant to a DE
  13. Wickham Hills Pl
    Sturdivant to Manchester
  14. Kimbolton Dr
    Manchester to Nottingham Dr
  15. Ashford Ln
    Manchester to Kimbolton
  16. Dunsford Pl
    Manchester to a DE
  17. Clare Ct
    Manchester to a DE
  18. Oxon Ct
    Manchester to a DE
  19. Shincliff Ct
    Kimbolton to a DE
  20. E & W Springhill Ct
    Kimbolton left & Right to a DE
  21. Deerfield Dr
    Kimbolton to a DE
  22. Gray Owl Garth
    Deerfield to a DE
  23. Fernlea Ct
    Ashford to a DE
  24. Nottingham Dr
    Walnut to Buck Jones
  25. Whitehall Way
    Nottingham Dr past Whitehall back to Whitehall
  26. Nottingham Cir
    Nottingham Dr to Donaldson Dr
  27. Nottingham Ct
    Nottingham Dr to a DE
  28. Donaldson Dr
    Walnut to Nottingham Dr
  29. Harlon Dr
    Nottingham Dr past Cass Ct to a DE past Cass Ct
  30. Karen Ct
    Nottingham Dr to a DE
  31. Stourbridge Cir
    Whitehall to a DE
  32. Escher Ln
    Whitehall to a DE
  33. Dannor Ct
    Whitehall to a DE
  34. Penwood Dr
    Whitehall to a DE
  35. Quincy Ct
    Donaldson Dr to a DE
  36. Patrick Cir
    Donaldson Dr to Donaldson Dr
  37. Hamilton Ct
    Donaldson Dr to a DE
  38. Taylor Ct
    Donaldson Dr to a DE
  39. Jamestown Ct
    Donaldson Dr to a DE
  40. Donaldson Ct
    Donaldson Dr to a DE
  41. Rubin Ct
    Harlon to a DE
  42. Jamie Ct
    Harlon to Harlon
  43. Lasky Ct
    Harlon to Harlon
  44. Cass Ct
    Harlon to Harlon
  45. Buck Jones Rd
    Walnut to the CL at the I-40 bridge
  46. Collington Dr
    SE Maynard to a DE
  47. Newport Cir
    Seabrook to a DE past Estes Ct
  48. Estes Ct
    Newport to a DE
  49. Delmar Rd
    Seabrook to a DE
  50. Riverton Pl
    Seabrook to a DE
  51. Greenwood Cir
    SE Maynard to a DE past Bay; Walnut to Vickie
  52. Bay Dr
    Seabrook to Greenwood Cir
  53. Doylin Dr
    Greenwood Cir to a DE past Vickie
  54. Debra Dr
    Doylin to Imperial
  55. Vickie Dr
    Doylin to a DE past Greenwood Cir
  56. Brunson Ct
    Vickie to a DE
  57. Lawrence Rd
    Walnut to Debra
  58. Whitby Ct
    Lawrence to a DE
  59. Beaver Pine Way
    Debra to a circle back to itself
  60. Kingston Ridge Rd
    Walnut to a DE past Bloomingdale
  61. Fairlane Rd
    Kingston Ridge to Kingston Ridge
  62. Imperial Rd
    Kingston Ridge to a DE past Wellington
  63. Mellon Ct
    Kingston Ridge to a DE
  64. Bloomingdale Dr
    DE past Kingston Ridge across Kingston Ridge (x2) to a DE
  65. Pioneer Ct
    Imperial to a DE
  66. Savannah Cir
    Imperial to a DE
  67. Richmond Ct
    Bloomingdale to a DE
  68. Hillsdale Ct
    Bloomingdale to a DE
  69. Country Ct
    Wellington to a DE
  70. Piney Plains Rd
    Walnut to Lockmere Dr
  71. Dillard Dr
    Jones Franklin to Piney Plains
  72. Benedum Pl
    Forest Park Way to a DE
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