Bowel Function

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  1. What are the essential questions the nurse should ask re:the patient's bowel elimination?
    • When was your last BM?
    • How often do you normally have a bowel movement?
    • Has this illness affected your bowels?
  2. What do you need to assess in a pt before using a contrast medium for any sort of procedure?
    • Allergies
    • medication
    • disease processes involving liver or kidney
  3. What is acholic stool, and what is it an indication of?
    • grey, white, or clay-like stool.
    • liver or gall bladder disease
  4. What is steatorrhic stool, and what is it an indication of?
    • pale (with fat and mucous)
    • malabsorption of fat
  5. what is black or tarry stool an indication of?
    • blood high in GI tract
    • Iron ingestion problem
  6. what is green or orange stool an indication of?
    • infection in intestines
    • green could be from food
  7. what is ribbon shaped stool an indication of?
  8. what care needs to be taken for a C diff stool sample?
    it needs to be put on ice, and taken to the lab stat
  9. How much stool is necessary for a liquid stool sample?
  10. what is an O&P stool sample, and how quickly does it need to be gotten to the lab?
    • ovum and parasties
    • immediately
  11. What precautions need to be done before a OB stool sample is obtained?
    • no red meat, vitamin C, some fruits and veg for 3 days before text
    • stop aspirin & NSAIDs 7 days before test
  12. how much fiber do you need per day for healthy elimination patterns?
    about 25g/day
  13. how long before you should contact a physician about constipation?
    3 days without a BM (or individualized, depending on person's habits)
  14. what is the purpose of a Harris flush?
    to relieve gas pains
  15. what should you avoid taking alongside dulcolax/bisacodyl?
    alkali (milk, antacids)
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