week 8 terms

  1. aquathermic pad
    A device which forces water at a selected temperature through flexible tubing. it is used for heat or cold applications to a designated body part.
  2. additive effect
    combined effect of a drug produced a result that equals the sum of the individual effects of each agent
  3. adverse effect
    secondary effect of a drug undesirable- range from mild to fatal
  4. antagonist action
    reduce drug effect due to presence of a secondary drug.
  5. circadian rhythm
    rhythms that completes a full cycle every 24 hours.
  6. cumulative action
    breakdown of one dose is not completed before another does is given. accumulation occurs and possible toxicity
  7. delta sleep
    deep sleep, occurring during stage 3 and stage 4 in nrem sleep
  8. drug allergy
    immunological reaction to a drug which a person has already been sensitized
  9. drug dependence
    state of physiological adaptation to a drug that manifests itself by an intense physical disturbance when the drug is withdrawn...withdrawl
  10. erythema
    redness of the skin caused by congestion of the capillaries. Occurs with any skin injury infection or inflammation.
  11. drug dependence
    state of emotional reliance on a drug to maintain a sense of well-being
  12. inflammation
    tissue reaction to injury. manifested by pain heat redness swelling and disordered function.
  13. inspection
    visual examination
  14. idiosyncratic action
    unexpected effect produced be a drug in a given individual
  15. non-rapid eye movement sleep
    non rapid movement that characterizes four stages of sleep
  16. overdose
    administration of either accidental or intentional greater dose than is recommended for therapeutic effects
  17. poisoning
    administration of toxic substance or large overdose or the state produced by exposure to a poisonous substance
  18. rapid eye movement sleep
    stage that constitutes 20% to 25% of a persons nightly sleep, person is difficult to arouse during this stage
  19. side effect
    secondary effect of a drug the one which is unintended
  20. sitz bath
    bath to sit in the water above and covering hips. the tub or fixtures is usually shaped to allow the legs to be out of the water
  21. synergistic action
    combined effect of two drugs is greater than the sum of each drug acting independently
  22. toxic action
    deleterious effects of a drug, usually results from over dosage or accumulation of a drug in bloodstream
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