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  1. What are the key events that led to the exploration of the Americas?
    (there are 6)
    • 1.  Columbus gets approval from King and Queen to support his expedition.
    • 2.  Columbus sails west with 89 sailors and three ships.
    • 3.  Columbus lands at San Salvador.
    • 4.  De Soto and an army sail to the west coast of Florida in search of gold.
    • 5.  De Soto and his arm6y explore all of what is today the southeastern United States.
    • 6.  The Spanish claim all of what is today the southeastern United States.
  2. King John I of Portugal spent as much money as needed on ocean exploration trying to find what?
    A water route to Asia.
  3. Balboa proved ___________ _________ theory that Columbus landed on an unknown continent.
    Amerigo Vespucci's
  4. the Aztecs welcomed Cortes with gifts of gold because they thought he was _______________________________________.
    An Aztec god named Quetzalcoatl.
  5. who helped Portugal lead the way in ocean exploration?
    Prince Henry
  6. _______ ___________ was sent to Mexico to find gold.
    Hernan Cortes.
  7. Why did trade play an important role in the growth of exploration?
    Because people wanted to find easier and more profitable trade routes which led to exploration of nw regions by both land and sea.
  8. What event led to a need to find new trade routes to Asia, which resulted in many of the discoveries that occurred may have been delayed or may never have been made at all?
    When the Turk's captured Constantinople, in 1453.
  9. What does Claim mean?
    To keep as your own.
  10. What is an astrolable?
    An instrument used to calculate the positions of the sun, moon and stars.
  11. Define empire.
    A collection of lands ruled by the nation that conquered them.
  12. What is a grant?
    A sum of money or other payment given for a particular reason.
  13. What does estuary mean?
    The wide mouth of a river where the ocean tide flows in.
  14. What are the dates of important events that happened between 1400 and 1620?
    (there are 7)
    • 1.  1405 - ZhengHe makes the first of his ocean voyages.
    • 2.  1453 - The Turks capture Constantinople.
    • 3.  1492 - Columbus lands at San Salvador.
    • 4.  1498 - Da Gama reaches India.
    • 5.  1519 - Gortes goes to Mexico to find gold in the land of the Aztecs.
    • 6.  1541 - De Soto reaches the Mississippi river.
    • 7.  1608 - Hudson sails to find the Northwest Passage.
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